10 Croatian Dishes You Should Try (and where to try them)

fuzi Croatian Food

Croatian cuisine cannot be defined in just one sentence, or be showcased in just one town. Although Croatia may be considered small in size, it stretches across three climatic regions; Alpine, Continental, and Mediterranean where culinary traditions have partly been shaped by its previous conquerors such as the Italian, French, Austro-Hungarian,...

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A Journey to Calabria: Sun, Sea, Ancient Civilizations, and Jagged Terrain


Growing up in Philadelphia, “Sicilian” or “Napolitano” were the two choices given to identify as Italian. Throwing “Calabrese” into the mix usually resulted in a blank stare and nod of recognition...a sort of “Yeah, I’ve heard of Calabria before so fine, I guess that’s Italian."   Fast forward a couple of decades and even...

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Easy Italian Recipes: Malloreddus with Fresh Fava Beans and Pecorino

italian recipes

Credits: Viktorija Todorovska - The Sardinian Cookbook Easy Italian Recipes Shake off any flashbacks of the mooshy lima beans your mom made you eat as a kid -- fresh fava beans, with their nutty flavor and creamy texture, are something completely different! The Italians love them and so should you. Also called broad beans, they are the oldest...

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