gluten-free restaurants in Venice

Top 6 Gluten-Free Restaurants in Venice

Traveling, we know, means trying new experiences, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and, of course, tasting new dishes and delicacies of foreign countries. This can be a problem for those with gluten intolerance. When you are planning a vacation to Italy, food has a fundamental role. Everybody knows how great Italian cuisine is and think about the mainstays: pizza, pasta, and pane (pizza, pasta, and bread). That does not sound ideal when you have to avoid gluten. However, Italians know the importance of food, so they are increasingly concerned about gluten-related disorders, and are prepared to offer gluten-free options all over the country. Every major city has different choices, and you will love the great variety of gluten-free restaurants in Venice.

Therefore, if your next destination is Venice there is no more reason to worry about your allergy. You will have the chance to taste the delicate flavor of all kinds of Venetian recipes. Select Italy’s team complied a list of their favorite places that offer many gluten-free items, so you don’t have to call all the restaurants asking “Do you have gluten-free options?” While strolling around the narrow Venetian streets, check out these 6 must-try restaurants that offer gluten-free options:

  1. Da Romano Via Galuppi, 221 – After walking around the picturesque fishing island of Burano, characterized by its brightly-painted houses and amazing paths, you should not leave without trying Da Romano’s delightful menu. Here you can taste typical lagoon dishes in an artistic and charming environment.
  2. La Bitta – Calle Lunga San Barnaba, 2753a  – This is a small and intimate restaurant with gluten-free choices and an extraordinary meat menu. This is what makes La Bitta an unique destination for meat lovers. It is worth trying after a visit to the interesting Church of Santa Margherita or a tour illustrating the Venetian renaissance after the plague.
  3. Antico Martini Calle del Teatro Fenice – One of the oldest Venice restaurants, Antico Martini is famous for its fegato alla veneziana (traditional Venetian-style liver) and for its menu based on fish. Teatro la Fenice, and Piazza San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale are a few minutes’ walk from it.
  4. La Zucca – Santa Croce, 1762 – Famous for its Venetian delicacies, fish, meat, and vegetarian recipes, la Zucca is a Select Italy favorite! If you ever have the chance to eat here, you should not miss its well-known pumpkin soup and other creative vegetarian dishes!
  5. Acquastanca – Fondamenta Manin, 48 – This stylish restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering fish dishes and various freshly-cooked Italian recipes. Located on the Murano island, known for its blown glass art, Acquastanca is a good choice after a long but amazing walk around the area.
  6. Pesador Riviera – Zattere Dorsoduro, 1473 – If you are looking for a delicious lunch or a romantic candlelit dinner, Pesador Riviera is simply perfect! Combine your visit to many Venetian masterpieces, such as the Rialto bridge, the Accademia gallery, and the Giudecca canal, with a typical La Serenissima meal, to experience the best of your stay in this beautiful city.

To have a complete experience of your vacation in Venice, do not miss the private gondola tour or the interesting workshop that teaches you how to make a Venetian mask! If you want more ideas about where to go and what to do in this beautiful city, visit or call us at 1-800-877-1755l

Have you ever tried any of these restaurants that offer gluten-free options? What did you think?