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All You Need Know About Italian Pizza: Pizzapedia Roundup

When you say pizza you can’t avoid letting your mind wander to the Bel Paese, and even though there is a debate about the origins and the meaning of the name worldwide, we do know one thing: we love Italian pizza!

That’s why Select Italy ventured out to accomplish something no one has ever done: to compile the first ever Pizzapedia, an extensive compendium about this yummy staple of the Italian cuisine. Learn everything you need to know about Italian pizza!

Once Upon a Pizza… Where the Story Begins

An introduction on the history of the pie and how it conquered the world.

The Chewy Neapolitan Pie

Select Italy’s Kate McCluer chronicles how she went from the classic American style pizza, baked in an electric oven, to the stunning discovery of the first pizza in Italy. A stunning experience that took her to breakdown the differences between the American and Italian wood-fired pizza (in particular the kind found in Naples), from how is it served to the different crusts and toppings.

The Crispy Roman Pie

When you go to an Italian pizzeria you may be surprised by all the different options available. But before you choose your toppings, you will have to pick your favorite kind of pie: Roman or Neapolitan? Martina suggests you go for the Roman.

Where to Eat the Best Chicago-Style Pizza?

We love to put our Italian food knowledge into practice on this side of the pond, too, and in this article we are delving into the Chicago-style pizza! Baked more like a casserole than the 90-second wood-fired pizza in Italy, Chicago pizza is a local favorite. Our two Italian pizza experts volunteer to taste and give their opinions about the best place to go eat the thick Chicago-style pizza. Read the interview here.

The Importance of the Crust

There is a magic formula: salt, water, flour and yeast. The crust makes all the difference maker in a pizza. Learn about all the difference in techniques and ingredients.

The USA’s Pizza Experts

Two of the most prominent pizzaioli exported the secrets of Italian pizza to the United States. Roberto Capuruscio, president of the APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani) and Jonathan Goldsmith, owner of Chicago’s Spacca Napoli, discuss the concept of pizza and their roles.

Move Over Beer: Pizza and Wine, a Match Made in Heaven

You might think pizza is usually best with an ice-cold beer, but let Martina Zuccarello tell you why you may want to order some good wine next time that you are thinking about your choice pizza beverage.

A new Twist on an old Staple

A new wave of elaborate and non-traditional flavors have been used to top pizza pies. Kate shares her view about the gourmet revolution.

How to Organize the Ultimate Pizza Party

The last entry of the Pizzapedia series is a short guide on how to throw an unforgettable pizza party for your family and friends with a fabulous homemade pizza.

We are sure you love Italian pizza too. What is your favorite kind? Let us know in the comments below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.