#WhySicily: 17 Reasons to Go to Sicily

Select Italy’s Team Reasons to Go to Sicily

Our team of travel experts and Italy lovers took part in our #WhySicily week, sharing their experiences and opinions about this amazing island. Reader beware, however – after reading this blog you’ll want to pack your suitcase right away!

  1. “Sicily surprises almost everyone who visits. The uninitiated aren’t expecting the lush interior, the delicious variety of food spiced by the numerous visiting Mediterranean hoards, the deeply rich wines, the visible marks of history’s layers, and the warm hospitality of the people.”
  2. “Sicily may sometimes be considered the “black sheep” of Italy but it is a truly wonderful place to visit. From its glorious cuisine to its breathtaking scenery and welcoming natives, no one can truly say they have visited Italy until they have stepped foot in Sicily”.
  3. “The reason why I love Sicily so much is due to my initial experience in Palermo. I arrived in Sicily at night, with the city lights of Palermo shimmering before me as I disembarked the hydrofoil on a warm May night. A taxi driver, with 2 of his children along side him, beckoned me from the dock to take his cab to my hotel destination. I later learned he had 7 children and he loved to take them to work. The 2 little boys politely sat in the front passenger seat, squished together, as he gave his best English a try and we were whisked away into the night to our beautiful little hotel near the Quatro Conti. He was so proud to be from Palermo and proud to be Sicilian. I knew I was going to be in for an amazing Sicilian adventure. Case in point that I had a memorable experience: I returned and promptly named our oldest cat, Sicily, after this beautiful land”.
  4. “Sicily is such a great region for exploring – it offers the traveler a wide variety of options based on their interests.  The food and wine are exceptional, the seaside spectacular and the ancient temples sprinkled throughout the region are unparalleled”.
  5. “In the simplest sense, Sicily is one-stop shopping. It has everything you could want to see in a single trip: mountains, islands, beaches, ancient ruins, big cities, small towns, and even a volcano! Take all of these, add a culture rich in tradition and family – and some of the best food and wine in the Mediterranean! – and you’ll think you found Heaven on Earth”.
  6. “Both of the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily hold a special place in my heart, but Sicily is at the core. I first fell in love with the rich cultural history, the mind-blowing cuisine, and the stunning natural beauty, but my undying commitment to the region was solidified by the people. The pride for their island coupled with Sicilian hospitality and welcome is unlike any other, and the enthusiasm and willingness with which the people have time and time again welcomed visitors is unlike any other. Whether it’s your first time or your fifth to Italy, Sicily should be on your “must visit” list without a doubt. Want to discuss further as to why? Send us an email or call. I could talk for hours…” .
  7. “I love the simplicity of Sicilian food – vibrantly – colored vegetables plucked fresh from the ground, a spicy heat and no fuss preparation. Eating in Sicily is both a pleasure because of the tastes and a curse because it’s hard to stop tasting just one more bite’”.
  8. “The spectacular views from Taormina and lounging at the beach near Isola Bella alone are worth a trip to Sicily. When you add in the Greek temples of Agrigento, you’ve got the perfect relaxation trip combined with breathtaking historical significance”.
  9. “Visiting Sicily is unique because it gives you a sense of what life was like centuries ago, as if taking a step back in time. The old world charm and rich traditions are still prevalent in Sicily’s culture today. From the Greek influence in the ancient ruins of Agrigento and the old town of Siracusa to the endless miles of untouched coastline, Sicily is undeniably spectacular”.

Did we give you enough reasons? What is yours?