7 Italian Dishes to Make with Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

thanksgiving leftovers

Ah, Thanksgiving, a beautiful amalgamation of the American and Italian cultures (...hear me out on this). This November holiday appeals to an American love of turkey, incorporates the most American of sports in the festivities, and celebrates our indigenous American ingredients such as sweet potatoes and corn. But then there are the very Italian...

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Things To Do In Palermo: What To See, Do, Eat And Drink

things to do in palermo

Situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, partway between Europe and Africa, the island of Sicily is a fabulously fascinating melting pot of cultures. Its key strategic position at the crossroads of several trade routes meant that many civilizations tried, and often failed, to take control of the island. From early Phoenicians to...

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Made in Italy: When Quality Comes with a Seal

You might not realize it at first but like any other fashion brand or intellectual property, food deserves brand recognition and product protection too. And how could it be otherwise, when one thinks about the handcrafted, artisan-made products that may have taken years, or even centuries to formulate? Alas, with popularity comes value recognition...

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Italy Travel Guides: Select Italy’s Free eBook Collection

italy travel guides

Visiting a new country can be daunting. What is there to see and do? How can you get around? What’s the food like? Can you recharge all your gadgets? And what should you wear? So many questions and that’s before you even start packing! But don’t worry, here at Select Italy we have thought of everything in our 8 free Italy travel guides. So...

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