9 Smart Things to Do in Italy in Winter

Things to do in Italy

Italy has more than 400 ski areas The idea of traveling to Italy in winter might sound a little odd at first glance; a picture that comes to mind when thinking about this country is indeed a spectacular sunny beach or an enchanting villa nestled on peaceful hills. However, not many people know that choosing to visit the "Peninsula" during this...

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20 Things to Do in Milan to Fulfill Your 5 Senses

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Zona Navigli, Milan World renowned as the capital of fashion, Milan is this and many more. Thanks to its ancient history and modern glory as the richest city in Italy, there is plenty to admire walking around its elegant streets. If you are planning a trip to this city and want to make the most out of it, have a look at our checklist of the 20...

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Italian Music and Destinations: 10 Passionate Songs

Italian music

Italian music isn't as world famous as its tasty food, enchanting monuments and spectacular landscapes, yet it is a meaningful part of the culture and tradition of this amazing country. Both past and contemporary Italian singers have dedicated a large number of passionate songs to cities and places, expressing their deep affection in the space of...

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Quiz: Which is the Italian Transportation Method that Best Suits You?

italian transportation

What is the Italian Transportation Method that best meets your needs? Take our simple and short quiz to discover which one should you use on your next trip to Italy! Tell us your results in the comments or share it on Facebook and Twitter! Did you find the test useful and now know which is the Italian Transportation Method that is right for...

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