What to see at Florence’s monumental Pitti Palace

pitti palace

Looming large on the Florentine skyline the Pitti Palace is the grandest and most impressive private palazzo in the city. Built 560 years ago, it has been home to millionaire bankers, the famous Medici family, Napoleon and the King of Italy. And today it houses eight museums, over 250,000 works of art including masterpieces by Titian and Raphael...

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Discover the Palazzo Ducale of Mantua

The city of Mantua, known as Mantova by the Italians, has a lot to be proud about. Its old historic center has rightly been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for nearly 10 years in celebration of the artistic and ancient cultural treasures that can be found there. And this year it has been named Italian capital of culture by the Italian government....

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Seven Reasons to Visit the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua

scrovegni chapel

Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel houses an exceptional fresco cycle by Giotto, who is considered the first in a line of great artists who contributed to the Renaissance. Despite its importance in the history of Western art, the Scrovegni Chapel does not attract as many foreign visitors as other Italian artistic masterpieces, perhaps because it is...

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelangelo’s David

Standing at a colossal 17 feet tall, the gleaming white statue of Michelangelo's David, slingshot in hand ready to do battle, dominates Florence’s Piazza della Signoria. It draws millions of tourists every year even though it’s just a copy. The original, expertly chiselled by master Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo, nestles safely in a...

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Experience the Uffizi Gallery a whole new way with Uffizi Live

Uffizi Gallery Tucked away in beautiful Florence sits the Uffizi Gallery, a world-renowned museum known for its unique masterpieces from the renaissance period. The walls are adorned with work from some of the best artists in history such as Botticelli, Giotto, Cimabue, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raffaello to name a few. The Uffizi...

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