Florence Airport Shuttle: Everything You Need to Know

florence airport shuttle

If you arrive in Florence by way of its airport, the most economical way to reach the center of the beautiful Tuscan capital is to take the Florence airport shuttle. The Florence Peretola Airport is the international airport of Florence, located four kilometers from the city center. It is the second-busiest Tuscan airport in terms of...

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Traveling by Train from Florence to Bologna: What You Need to Know

train from florence to bologna

Firenze Santa Maria Novella Bologna, “the Learned, the Fat, the Red” as it is affectionately nicknamed, makes for a great day trip from Florence. Travel time on the high-speed train from Florence to Bologna is less than 40 minutes. Bologna, whose Roman street plan and medieval center have been well preserved, is famous for its rich...

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6 Famous Italian Train Stations You should Get to Know

If I weren't so lucky to be born in Italy I would definitely plan my vacations there. Why? Well, I know I might be biased (just a little bit) but I have tons of reasons for you. Italy can satisfy and amaze any kind of traveler! Are you a foodie or a wine lover? You could stay a month and you won't be able to try all of our delicacies to...

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Top 7 Reasons to Take a Venice Water Taxi

Venice is a wonderfully unique city. Its palaces, churches and restaurants line the dozens of canals that criss-cross the labyrinthine city as gondolas glide gently under the bridges that connect everything together. And people have been arriving in Venice for centuries; first as traders, then as nobles on their grand tours and now as visitors...

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