Italy Travel Guides: Select Italy’s Free eBook Collection

italy travel guides

Visiting a new country can be daunting. What is there to see and do? How can you get around? What’s the food like? Can you recharge all your gadgets? And what should you wear? So many questions and that’s before you even start packing! But don’t worry, here at Select Italy we have thought of everything in our 8 free Italy travel guides. So...

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6 Famous Italian Train Stations You should Get to Know

If I weren't so lucky to be born in Italy I would definitely plan my vacations there. Why? Well, I know I might be biased (just a little bit) but I have tons of reasons for you. Italy can satisfy and amaze any kind of traveler! Are you a foodie or a wine lover? You could stay a month and you won't be able to try all of our delicacies to...

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After-Hours Private Visit to the Sistine Chapel

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo The night sky over Rome is like purple velvet, the street in front of the Vatican is deserted and the soaring doors that lead inside are sealed – the museum is most assuredly closed. But at precisely 7:00 pm, the jangle of keys from inside is heard and one of the massive wooden doors swings slowly open....

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Italian Trains: 5 Essential Tips that No One Ever Tells You

italian trains

The number one mistake of the new Italian train passenger? Believing that the information out there is adequate preparation for their upcoming experience. Huddled over laptops, these novice travelers visit several sites posting detailed articles and reference guides, carefully taking notes on the “essentials” of train types, differences...

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