How to Dress to Visit the Vatican

The Vatican

It's no mystery that Italy is a very fashion-conscious country. In a previous article we gave you advice on how to dress appropriately when visiting Italy during summer, but this time we want to be more specific about choosing the perfect attire for the Vatican. When visiting the Vatican, you have to think of it like a very exclusive club: to be...

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Pope Francis’ Taste For Wine: It’s In His Roots

Pius II had a predilection for milk. Benedict XVI drank orange Fanta. And Pope Francis? While Francis is known for drinking mate, an Argentinian tea, it seems that the current Pope’s palate is a bit more refined. Pope Francis – or Jorge Mario Bergoglio – is also a wine aficionado. The taste for wine runs in the family. His grandfather was a...

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The Beatification of Paul VI: a Simple Guide to a Momentous Occasion

Beatification, which could be likened in gravitas to a papal election, is a moment of joy and celebration for the Vatican and the Catholic community all around the world. Thousands of devotees make a pilgrimage to Rome to witness this memorable event. The upcoming Beatification of Paul VI will take place on October 19th – here’s what you need...

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