6 Hidden Spots in Capri

There are few better places I could imagine spending my day than on the Island of Capri. With the exception of the lucky few who will arrive via helicopter at the island’s private landing pad, most of us will first experience Capri from the hustle and bustle of the main port, Marina Grande.  The luscious, green gardens, which cover the jagged cliffs, perfectly compliment the aquamarine, sparkling waters of the island’s many grottoes and swimming coves.

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Marina Piccola (credits: Christina Ciancio)

The Blue Grotto

My perfect day on this magical island undeniably begins with a morning at sea. Start your day early, and admire the beauty of the island from the comfort of your own boat. The port of Marina Grande is dotted with boats, each chartered by Amalfi Coast locals vying for your business.  The culture of Capri is certainly centered around the finer things in life, so why not splurge on a VIP experience you will never forget!  As you cruise along the Mediterranean waters, make your first stop at the “Grotta Azzurra” or Blue Grotto. This natural phenomenon is considered a modern wonder of the world, and once inside, you will see why. The sun reflects on the water and projects inside the cave with an iridescent blue light that is indescribable. Despite being the most well known grotto on the island, it is certainly not the only. After basking in the sun at shallow swimming holes and diving under the green waters of the Emerald Grotto, get your camera ready for the most iconic panorama on the island, the Faraglioni cliffs.

Giorgio’s Granita Stand

Upon returning to Marina Grande, bid your skipper farewell and embark on a short trip via funicular to the main Piazzetta of Capri town. As you step out of your cable car, you will be greeted with the most breathtaking views of the island below, with Naples and Mt. Vesuvius in the distance. Before exploring the town, make a stop at the tiny lemon stand in the main piazza. Here you will find Giorio, a Capri native who serves the best granita on the island. Granita is a typical iced beverage of the area. My personal favorite is the “special”, which is half lemon slush topped with freshly squeezed orange juice. There is nothing better on a hot summer day!

Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula
Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula


As you are enjoying your citrus treat, walk through the winding roads lined with shop after shop selling handmade leather sandals, jewelry and the hottest fashions straight off the Italian runways. It is near impossible to leave the island without at least one sparkling memento. Virginia Gioielli, just off the main piazza, is a fine jewelry boutique that is famous for the enamel colored “corno” and diamond encrusted “campanello” good luck charms. Continue along Via Vittorio Emmanuele towards the Gardens of Augustus, and make a stop at Carthusia on the way. Carthusia began the art of parfum making back in 1380. Utilizing the fragrant variance of flowers native to Capri, Carthusia has been creating tantalizing scents ever since.

Best Views of Capri

Pass through the Augustus Gardens as you head towards Marina Piccola, one of the island’s only beaches. Via Krupp, a pedestrian only walkway, begins near the Augustus Gardens, and descends towards the blue sea below. With numerous villas belonging to the rich and famous, Marina Piccola is the gem of the island. Head to Ristorante Da Gioia and dine al fresco on their gorgeous terrace, built directly over the sea. Here you can dine on fisherman’s risotto, traditional Caprese salad or even choose your own live Capri lobster from their indoor saltwater tank. The experience at Ristorante Da Gioia is guaranteed to be just as memorable as the food. After lunch, reserve your spot on one of the sun loungers and sip on a glass of wine while you bask under the Mediterranean sun.

Christina sipping a glass of white wine in front of Marina Piccola bay (credits: Christina Ciancio)

If you are staying on the island, take a local bus up to Anacapri. For an unforgettable sunset, continue on via chairlift to the highest point of the island, Mount Solaro. Before you leave, don’t forget to sample the local lemon liquor, Limoncello, the perfect ending to your day on paradise. Salute!

What is your favorite hidden spot?