A Journey to Calabria: Sun, Sea, Ancient Civilizations, and Jagged Terrain


Growing up in Philadelphia, “Sicilian” or “Napolitano” were the two choices given to identify as Italian. Throwing “Calabrese” into the mix usually resulted in a blank stare and nod of recognition...a sort of “Yeah, I’ve heard of Calabria before so fine, I guess that’s Italian."   Fast forward a couple of decades and even...

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Cruising Italy: Top 5 Shore Excursions

About 80% the boot-shaped country of Italy borders the sea. For this reason, many Italian destinations are easily reachable by water. Shore excursions are probably the best way to relax while sailing the beautiful Italian seas but, at the same time, not miss the highlights of this charming peninsula. During these kinds of excursions, you will have...

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