What to see at Florence’s monumental Pitti Palace

pitti palace

Looming large on the Florentine skyline the Pitti Palace is the grandest and most impressive private palazzo in the city. Built 560 years ago, it has been home to millionaire bankers, the famous Medici family, Napoleon and the King of Italy. And today it houses eight museums, over 250,000 works of art including masterpieces by Titian and Raphael...

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Going to Florence? Get Your Pitti Palace Tickets

You should not leave Florence before you have seen Palazzo Pitti, the city’s largest museum complex, housing many important collections of paintings and sculpture, porcelain and costumes. Buy your Pitti Palace tickets in advance; Select Italy makes it easy for you to organize your visit through our online booking service. Just select your...

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Map of Florence Museums: 9 Sights You Just Can’t Miss

Did you know that Florence contains more art per square mile than any other place on earth?  Sure, this is an amazing fact, but it also means that if you are planning to visit the city known to be the birthplace of Renaissance, you need to elaborate a perfect plan of action. Because the list of the masterpieces you will want to make sure to...

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