Sparkling Wine From the Mountains: The History of Ferrari

History of Ferrari

In my ideal world you love wine. Actually, to be more precise, you love Italian wine. And when you uncork that bottle and pour the wine, you are ready to start an experience that involves all five of your senses. In drinking wine, there are many objective and technical observations you can state, but there is much more behind that bottle and...

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Motor Cities: 4 Captivating Car & Moto Museums in Italy

museums in italy

Motor madness seems to affect a large part of the population (especially among males) and Italy is well suited to motor tourism, boasting a self-proclaimed "Motor Valley"centered on the province of Modena. In fact, the region of Emilia Romagna is steeped in a love of motor sports; it is home to fabled producers of sports cars, racing cars and...

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