The “Hombre” Sport & Vintage Car Museum [VIDEO]

car museum

This article was originally published on August 15, 2009 from our former newsletter Espresso by the late Andrea Sertoli. Last year I spent some time in Emilia-Romagna, exploring some classic destinations (I always love Bologna's special atmosphere), enjoying local produce fairs (I ended up in a very nice one in Brisighella) and hunting for...

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Cooking Classes in Italy: the Best Souvenir From Your Holiday

Cooking classes in Italy

Learn all the secrets to make gnocchi One of the latest travel & tourism trends that is experiencing a huge growth in popularity among travelers from all over the world is taking cooking classes in Italy! The boom of TV cooking shows and the increasing number of celebrities that choose to spend part of their holidays approaching the art...

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20 Steps to Becoming an Italian Foodie: Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna: The Good, The Fat, and The Lucky Italy is shaped like a boot. There really is no way getting around that fact, so why not use it as often as possible, especially when trying to explain where a region is? Case in point, it helps for geographical placing of the 20 various regions. Emilia-Romagna is in the upper half of the boot,...

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