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Bagni Di Pisa


Experience a little bit of Tuscan history while indulging in luxurious spa treatments and relaxing in ancient thermal water. When staying at Bagni di Pisa, the opulence of the property will be noticeable from the moment you step inside, and while a stay at the resort is about the spa experience for the most part, the area around the resort is equally fascinating with some fantastic dining options that offer gourmet meals with a view.


61 Guestrooms & suites  | Restaurant  | Piano bar  | Pool bar  | Lounge  | Games room  | Spa/wellness centre  | Outdoor swimming pool  | Sun terrace  | Parking  |

The Bagni Di Pisa is a true reflection of the best that Italy has to offer: the rich history, magnificent architecture, and supreme luxury. All of these elements combine in an elegant villa located in the picture-perfect mountains of Tuscany.

Touched by royalty and aristocracy, the luxurious property satisfies modern tastes with an authentic throwback to the grandeur and opulence of renaissance Europe. The interior of the villa is decked with intricately decorated vaulted ceilings, 18th century frescoes that adorn the walls, and marbled floors that elevate the level of sophistication in the 61 luxurious guestrooms and suites. You are most certainly to feel no less than an aristocrat when you stay at the Bagni Di Pisa.

The history of the villa is filled with dukes and other noblemen indulging in the renowned thermal waters of San Giuliano Terme that flow through the property. You can indulge in the same luxury at the spa and wellness centre of the luxury villa that offer a variety of holistic treatments. One of the highlights of the spa treatment is the Granducas Hamman: a steam bath set in a small thermal grotto that can be accessed by a tunnel built in the 18th century.

The holistic treatments are complemented by a carefully curated menu that is high on taste and high on health. The Dei Lorena Restaurant treats you to some delectable Tuscany cuisine while also offering vegan and low-calorie options. You can tuck into the delicious food and sip on some delicious wine while gazing at the panoramic view from the terraced restaurant.

The Bagni Di Pisa presents the best of Italy- both the ancient and the modern.

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