Venice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient ExpressVenice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express - Belmond Train  |  Luxury

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We believe that customers booking a Select Italy are looking for that personal attention and individual service, which only a truly independent, specialist company can offer. We are passionate about Italy, and our sole aim is to provide our customers with quality holidays, backed by solid experience and the highest level of customer care. We truly are the Italian specialists, with Italian directors who have over 30 years' experience in selling vacations to Italy and a sales team also with many years of experience and a passion for selling Italy.

Select Italy comprises a large range of accommodation, from simple residences to luxury hotels. The official ratings are based on certain facilities or services being available and they do not take into account the size of the bedrooms or public rooms, nor the preferred décor of the owner, which may be at odds with your taste. Hotels in the same category, even in the same resort, can vary considerably in character, ambience, service and facilities and may not offer the same staffing levels and facilities, or be as well maintained. it must be bourne in mind that cost is a good indication of standards, particulary when comparing hotels in the same star rating.

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Italy’s finest hotels; where guests can enjoy a highly attentive service in luxurious surroundings. Our luxury collection is the ideal choice for that special celebration, honeymoon or even a wedding.


Our Select category includes hotels which we believe offer good standards of service, accommodation and facilities, and which are situated in excellent locations.


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Our Villaggio selection are family resorts, which we believe offer a good standard of accommodation and a good range of facilities to keep the entire family occupied during the vacation. These are friendly and easy-going resorts, providing  very informal service and representing good value for money. These resorts have a high proportion occupancy of International clientele.

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About the hotel

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express operates from February to December.

Settings & Style

When the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express embarked on its inaugural journey, it marked the dawn of a new era in travel. A masterpiece and a genuine icon of art deco, the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train stands as one of the world’s most revered travel experiences.

The fusion of adventure and style is intricately woven into journeys that weave through Europe, gliding past breathtaking scenery en route to some of the continent’s most enchanting cities.

Throughout the voyage, guests luxuriate in opulent vintage cabins, savoring gastronomic delights and immersing themselves in a vibrant onboard atmosphere. Step into a realm of timeless glamour, where each carriage unveils a new and captivating experience to be discovered.

Restaurant & Bar

Embark on an exciting culinary journey with Jean Imbert, as he seamlessly blends the iconic gastronomic heritage of this train with his fervor for fresh seasonal produce, prepared with classical precision. Chef Imbert crafts moments of culinary perfection in motion, extending this new concept across all of the train’s culinary menus and experiences. Furthermore, he has reimagined the restaurant's ambiance, introducing a heightened level of classical precision to each menu.

Our restaurant cars promise a truly enchanting dining experience, whether it's a scenic lunch or a romantic dinner. Etoile du Nord boasts resplendent floral marquetry, while Côte d’Azur showcases stunning Lalique glass panels, and the black lacquer decoration in Oriental adds an exotic touch.

Following dinner, venture into Bar Car '3674' for an unforgettable evening of cocktails and conviviality. Request a tune from our pianist or engage in conversation with fellow bon vivant. Ensure you reserve some energy, for our lively festivities will not be concluding there.


Capture the essence of your journey with a cherished memento from our exclusive collection of bespoke and monogrammed gifts.


LONDON - VENICE or Vice Versa (1 Night) 

PARIS - VENICE or Vice Versa (1 Night) 








AMSTERDAM - VENICE or Vice Versa (1 Night) 

BRUSSELS - VENICE or Vice Versa (1 Night) 


PARIS - VENICE (via Cannes)


PARIS - MOÛTIERS or Vice Versa 




  • Accommodation & Facilities:

    The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express features a captivating selection of original 1920s cars.

    HISTORIC CABINS - Experience the charm of Europe in a romantic setting with your own private historic twin cabin. Banquette seating provides the perfect vantage point to admire the landscape during the day, while convertible sleeping berths, adorned with soft, luxurious bedding, transform the cabin into an intimate retreat at night. Enjoy morning breakfast served to your bed if desired. Historic Cabins include a washbasin, hot and cold water, towels, bathrobes, and slippers. WCs are located at either end of each sleeping carriage.

    GRAND SUITES - Indulge in unparalleled luxury with a stay in one of our six grand suites. Inspired by Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, these suites embody art deco opulence while offering every modern comfort. Each suite features a double or twin bed, a living area for sipping champagne, and spacious ensuite bathrooms. Impeccable cabin service ensures a truly exceptional experience.

    PARIS: Light and classic, drawing on the grand architecture and haute couture of the French capital.

    ISTANBUL: Opulent and romantic, with hand-carved timber, embossed leather, and echoes of the Grand Bazaar.

    VIENNA: The allure of Vienna is captured in ornate design, reminiscent of Sigmund Freud's footsteps.

    VENICE: Reflecting grand Italian Baroque and Renaissance design with silk, woven fabrics, glass lamps, and Venetian furniture.

    BUDAPEST: Immersing yourself in the flamboyant architecture and eclectic character of this historic city.

    PRAGUE: Encapsulating the glorious essence of 'the City of a Hundred Spires' with rich gold and maroon details.

    SUITES - The eight suites offer a fresh expression of ageless opulence aboard the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Inspired by classic landscapes, La Campagne (countryside), Les Montagnes (mountains), Les Lacs (lakes), and La Forêt (forest), the designs celebrate the romance of rail adventure with plush fabrics and furnishings reminiscent of the golden age of art deco. Each suite features a fixed double or twin bed, a spacious marble ensuite bathroom, 24-hour steward service, a lounging area, complimentary amenities, and slippers, providing a personal haven for your European journey.

40 Historic Cabins
8 Grand Suites
6 Suites
3 Restaurants Cars
Bar Car

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