Top 6 Italian Drinks Ordered by Real Italians

Italian drinks

Italy is world famous for its wine and regional cuisine. And there are few better ways to enjoy a sultry summer evening than over a plate of piping-hot pasta sipping on a deliciously crisp Frascati or Pinot Grigio. But if you go straight out for dinner you’ll be missing out on a quintessential element of la vita bella, as all self-respecting...

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Cin Cin with a Bellini: Raising Your Glass with Peaches and Prosecco

The Bellini was created in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar Imagine it’s an autumn afternoon and you are sitting in a piazza facing Venice’s Grand Canal. What could be better than sipping a Bellini as you watch the Italians pacing the streets and gondoliers paddling through the canals? As the sun begins to set, the Venetian air...

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