Tuscan landscape

Unified but Unique – Top destinations for the 150th anniversary Part 2 – Central Italy

We continue our trip around the top 10 regions that perfectly integrate the essentials of 150th years of Italy. In the previous post we talked about four destinations in northern Italy. From there we move down the boot for other four great additions and tips for the travelers that will visit Italy this year. Next week the last installment, stay tuned!

From the rugged coastline to the pastoral countryside to the vibrant historical metropolises, a visit to the Italy’s Central region allows you to celebrate the 150th anniversary of nationhood while experiencing everything that is essentially Italian


Boasting underground waterways, a vibrant Jazz culture, and historical treasures including the first university in Europe, circa 1088 and the old Jewish quarter, Bologna is also a foodie bliss supplying the world with Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and Prosciutto di Parma.


An artistic epicenter housing unparalleled masterpieces, Florence proudly flaunts the legacy of Italian culture. You can rediscover the ancient beauty or experience the defining elements of the Italian Renaissance including the legendary David.


Spotted by the trend-watchers as the “next Tuscany,” this creative hotbed perched on the Adriatic Coast boasts its own indelible charm with the next generation of great artists, leaders and visionaries (think the future Raffaello, Rossini and Maria Montessori). This is a region with “windows on grace.”


Yes, Rome is still eternal, but it’s kicking, too. The capital is going though a vibrant period of renovation with architectural and artistic projects reshaping parts of the city with new musical venues, new museums, new exhibitions. Keeping pace with the cultural developments, the hospitality industry has upgraded with inspiring, new culinary and lodging options. Try the St. George Hotel and the Osteria Margutta for something intimate and off-the beaten path.

Your trip to Central Italy can combine the best parts of a cultural pilgrimage, a degustation destination, and a bucolic retreat to honor 150 years of the country’s rich traditions.