Unified but Unique – Top destinations for the 150th anniversary Part 3 – The South

A proper celebration of Italy’s 150th anniversary as a nation can’t happen with out honoring the bottom of the boot. From the jet-setting island of Capri to the stunning Amalfi towns, from ancient Pompeii to the iconic Naples, Southern Italy pulses with it’s own unique energy and traditions making it a must see for anyone craving authenticity and adventure.

Some of Select Italy’s favorite Southern Italian sights include:


Sorrento: Wedged on a ledge between the mountains and the Mediterranean adorned by lemon and olive groves, this gateway to the Amalfi Coast has an unspoiled old quarter, a lively main shopping street, a spectacular cliff side setting, and easy public transportation.

Caserta: Marvel at the vastness, elegance and beauty of the Caserta Royal Palace, one of the largest buildings constructed in Europe in the 18th century. Easily reachable from Naples or the Amalfi Coast, this hidden secret of the south is a not-to-be-missed spot for this baroque architectural marvel.


Taormina & Mount Etna: The real “hot spot” of the Mediterranean. Celebrated by artists, poets and travelers this corner of the island offers nothing but magnetic attraction. A veritable feast for the senses, immerse yourself in the colors of the coast and the smell of jasmine in the air.


The northernmost region in Southern Italy, most of Abruzzo is an easy day-trip from Rome. Fully one-third of the land in this region is either a national or regional park. Abruzzo boasts a good expanse of coastline (and some great beaches and beach towns) along the Adriatic Sea, and includes the cities of Pescara, Chieti, Sulmona and L’Aquila.

150 years, 20 regions, one nation. Happy Birthday Italia!