best gelato in italy

Where to Get the Best Gelato in Italy

So you’ve just finished a delicious Italian meal and you’re craving some dessert. You ask the waiter for the dessert menu and nothing looks good. Do you give up? After all, there’s no such thing as a healthy dessert…or is there? Containing less than half the fat and twice the vitamins that ice cream generally does, gelato, in this writer’s opinion, somehow remains mysteriously healthy and delicious at the same time. We know that a few gelaterie are essentially tourist traps so here’s a little guide we put together featuring our favorite places to get the best gelato in Italy.

Where to Get the Best Gelato in Italy

1. Old BridgeRome

Seated across from the Vatican city, Old Bridge is one of Rome’s most popular gelaterie. With a wide selection of flavors and an outdoor setting, all you need to do to find this fantastic utopia for gelato is simply look for a long line. Don’t worry too much about the wait though – the service is friendly, professional, and, by the time you decide what flavors you want, you’ll find yourself at the front of the line.

2. GROMFlorence

Situated all over Italy, GROM is a fashionable and popular gelato chain. One of my friends described GROM as the “Jamba Juice” of gelato, and, without any unnecessary preservatives or additives, GROM is still the healthiest gelateria out there.  

3. Il Gelatauro Bologna

Heading to Bologna? If you answered yes then, somehow, someway, you must find the time to stop at Il Gelatauro. One of Italy’s most unknown treasures, this gelato gem is all about variety. Check out some of the inventive flavors while you’re here and definitely bring your camera, never have I seen gelato arranged on a plate with such detail. Customers often refer to the servers here as artists and, from what I’ve seen, that’s a pretty accurate description.

4. La Bottega del Gelato Milan

To say that Milan is trendy is a bit of an understatement. Take La Bottega del Gelato for example. Situated in the heart of Italy’s fashion and design capital, this gelateria possesses a sense of style that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Gluten free and made from natural ingredients, the fruit flavored gelato popsicles is guaranteed to be the most delicious novelty that you’ve ever had.

5. Giolitti – Rome

First thing’s first. Gioilitti is not simply a gelateria, it is a gelato warehouse. Packed with different flavors, this restaurant-style shop serves up the best, and the most, flavors that the region has to offer. Dating as far back as 1890, Giolitti is a paradise for gelato-lovers and contains a great fusion of contemporary and traditional flavors. Out of the dozens or so times that I’ve visited, I don’t think that I have ever seen anyone leave this shop without a smile on their face.

Where did you have the best gelato in Italy? Which flavor? Let us know!