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Palazzo Fiuggi 5 stars  |  Luxury

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We believe that customers booking a Select Italy are looking for that personal attention and individual service, which only a truly independent, specialist company can offer. We are passionate about Italy, and our sole aim is to provide our customers with quality holidays, backed by solid experience and the highest level of customer care. We truly are the Italian specialists, with Italian directors who have over 30 years' experience in selling vacations to Italy and a sales team also with many years of experience and a passion for selling Italy.

Select Italy comprises a large range of accommodation, from simple residences to luxury hotels. The official ratings are based on certain facilities or services being available and they do not take into account the size of the bedrooms or public rooms, nor the preferred décor of the owner, which may be at odds with your taste. Hotels in the same category, even in the same resort, can vary considerably in character, ambience, service and facilities and may not offer the same staffing levels and facilities, or be as well maintained. it must be bourne in mind that cost is a good indication of standards, particulary when comparing hotels in the same star rating.

As well as the hotel's official star rating, we have also given our own special rating, based on our personal opinion. This rating should be taken into consideration, especially when comparing hotels of the same official star rating. By all means browse our website to get an idea of what we offer. However, if like many of our repeat customers, you would like the reassurance of speaking to someone with first hand knowledge of a particular property or area, then do call us. Together we will find the perfect hotel and create a wonderful itinerary.


Italy’s finest hotels; where guests can enjoy a highly attentive service in luxurious surroundings. Our luxury collection is the ideal choice for that special celebration, honeymoon or even a wedding.


Our Select category includes hotels which we believe offer good standards of service, accommodation and facilities, and which are situated in excellent locations.


Mid range properties, offering a good level of service and comfort for their price.


A collection of reasonably priced hotels, which offer a simple but decent standard of accommodation and represent excellent value for money.


Our Villaggio selection are family resorts, which we believe offer a good standard of accommodation and a good range of facilities to keep the entire family occupied during the vacation. These are friendly and easy-going resorts, providing  very informal service and representing good value for money. These resorts have a high proportion occupancy of International clientele.

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About the hotel

Palazzo Fiuggi is the home of wellness for body, mind and soul. Fusing ancient holistic disciplines with the keystones of traditional Western medicines, their exclusive medical-scientific therapies promote greater well-being, health and longevity. Beginning with a targeted evaluation and diagnostic consultancy, Palazzo Fiuggi's team of scientists, doctors and gurus will create a customized pathway designed to deliver tangible results. A carefully calibrated follow-up protocol will help you maintain your objectives in the long term.

By creating the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line, Chef Heinz Beck and Prof. David Della Morte Canosci have introduced a new and completely unique diet concept that successfully targets fat reduction without adversely impacting muscle mass. Food Line doesn’t demand guests follow a punitive regimen. Instead, it harnesses the power of essential nutrients and micro-nutrients to create delicious meals that achieve safe weight loss, without the usual feelings of hunger. Chef Beck’s finely honed cooking techniques and use of beneficial aromatic herbs assure a mouth-watering menu.

Even the most carefully planned and meticulously calibrated meals depend on the purity, nutritional quality and seasonality of their individual ingredients. Palazzo Fiuggi is serendipitously located amid fertile countryside with excellent access to the area’s very best organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables. Some ingredients are grown here in the Palazzo’s own vegetable garden, while others are painstakingly selected from the region’s most outstanding producers, favoring and supporting the concept of eco-sustainability and circular economy.

All Fiuggi programs are based on medical evidence and are tailored by their doctors and experts to fit guests’ unique treatment profiles and objectives.

Palazzo Fiuggi Programs:

COMPLETE LIFE REWIND (Longetivity) - The primary objective of the Complete Life Rewind program is to mitigate the effects of ageing both internally on a physical and emotional level and externally on an aesthetic level. During the program the current state of skin health will be analysed and provides tailor made solution for a healthy, balanced skin.

OPTIMAL WIEGHT (Detox & Weight) - This program isn’t solely focused on the goal of weight loss, instead, it targets the ideal body size and shape that allows you to be the best version of yourself. The program includes advanced detoxifying hydrotherapy sessions, detoxifying cryotherapy, slimming treatments, massage, movement and long-term weight-management strategies.

DEEP DETOX (Detox & Weight) - This bespoke detoxifying program is designed to be synergous with broader personal health goals, reducing toxin levels in the body and kickstarting long-term lifestyle objectives. The Fiuggi approach balances exquisitely prepared meals with increased activity levels and detoxifying treatments that together create a healthful new regimen. 

FULL IMMUNO BOOST (Medical & Diagnostic) - This program is designed for those seeking to increase vital energy, feel confident in the fight against infection, strengthen immunity and achieve optimal health. Initial diagnostic consultations will lead to the creation of a bespoke therapy schedule to build the body’s defenses, reduce fatigue and increase wellbeing.  An ideal rehabilitation path for post-Covid patients looking to supercharge their recovery.

POST COVID 19 (Medical & Diagnostic) - The Palazzo Fiuggi POST COVID 19 program evaluates the organs and systems that may have been weakened by Covid-19. The program is designed to support and rebuild a resilient and improved immune system. Guided by a team of professionals, Palazzo Fiuggi blends world class scientific medical services with holistic treatments and carefully curated food menus all designed to heal and energise the body and equip each guest with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy and full life after experiencing Covid-19.

*Full details of programs available upon enquiry

Spa & Gym Facilities:

Palazzo Fiuggi boasts 6000 sqm of wellness and medical spa facilities designed to encourage relaxation and promote a lifelong approach to wellness. The beautifully styled accommodation inspires and delights, with an abundance of high-end finishes and dedicated areas for an extensive range of treatments.

The spa uses the renowned Fiuggi waters to transformational effect. The larger rooms – including the gymnasium and yoga studios – have picture windows overlooking the gardens and allowing the sunlight to flood in. Spread across 6000 sqm, the medical spa is finished with precious elemental materials such as stone and marble. At the heart of the wellness center are the thalassotherapy baths with sea minerals and a spa suite that includes whirlpool, sauna and Turkish baths.

A generous 400 sqm gymnasium is situated in the Palazzo’s former ballroom. The light and airy space is the location for core exercise programs which promote wase of movement and ‘remise en-forme’. Expect the latest equipment, including Technogym and Icaros VR machines.


  • Categories:

    Charme Room: Charming 30-37 sqm room with expansive view; some with a balcony or terrace.

    Prestige Room: Elegant 33-38 sqm room with living area. Panoramic view; some with a balcony or terrace.

    Junior Suite: Spacious 35-50 sqm suite with living area, bedroom, bathroom with bath and shower. All offer superb views; some include a balcony or terrace. The suites incorporate mellow parquet flooring and are furnishes with luxurious fabrics such as linen, cashmere and velvet. The decorative schemes are unique in each case, accessorized with antiques and objets d’art.

    Suite: Luxury 60-76 sqm suite with living area, bedroom, bathroom with bath and shower and separate WC. All offer lovely views; some include a balcony or terrace.

    Imperial Suite: A generous 55 sqm suite with 100 sqm terrace overlooking the old town. Living area, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bath and shower. Furnished in contemporary style and evoking the mood of the beautifully verdant Mediterranean Macchia.

    Royal Suite: A first-class 135 sqm suite with living room, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bath and shower, separate bathroom and dedicated guest service. Featuring exquisite silks, Murano crystal chandeliers and Italian marble. There are panoramic views from the 140 sqm terrace.

    Presidential Suite: A spacious 110 sqm suite with amazing views from the 160 sqm terrace. Living room, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bath and shower, separate bathroom and guest service. The bedroom features a canopy bed and period paintings, while the bathrooms incorporate precious marbles and unique mosaics.

102 Rooms & Suites
4 Continenti Lounge /Restaurant
Private room
Tisana Bar
Outdoor outlet corner
24 hours Room service
6,000 sqm of wellness facilities
Advanced medical health equipment
Ultra-modern gymnasium (400 sqm)
Beauty clinic
8 hectares park
Paddle and tennis courts
Sight-seeing, hiking and biking
Golfing, 18 holes, on the oldest club in Italy

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