10 Quotes About Italy that Make it Even More Irresistible

quotes about Italy

Beautiful landscapes, amazing culinary delicacies, fashion, arts and history, culture, and La Dolce Vita… Italy -- the enchanting country -- has it all! For ages the Bel Paese has been a destination everybody longs for, a wish of tourists and travelers all over the world, and a gem that poets and artists described and mentioned in their...

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5 Alternatives to The Venetian Festival “Carnevale”

Tiepolo's painting "Fresken in der Villa Vallmarana" (1757) proves Italian Carnival is an old tradition (credits: WIkimedia) If I were to say (or write) the word Carnevale everyone would think about Venice, right? But as we all know, Italy can always surprise you. And here I am, the Italian Carnival lover ready to unveil you the 5 alternative...

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