20 Steps to Becoming an Italian Foodie: Campania


Campania The earliest inhabitants of the region of Campania consisted of three ancient Italian tribes, the Osci, the Aurunci and the Ausones. Greeks also established various settlements in early times, specifically surrounding modern-day Naples. The strategic location of the region made for an ideal trading mecca with other cities along the...

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Atlanta Called: Caporuscio Responded. Here’s why the south is going crazy for a new kind of pizza.

pizza margherita don antonio select italy

Walking into Don Antonio by Starita, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit apprehensive. “What does a born and raised Southern girl know about authentic Neapolitan pizza? Especially specific to a particular region - Naples in this case.” Well, I know good food, fresh ingredients and can recognize passion for one’s own product, which I...

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