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  • 6 Hidden Spots in Capri

    on May 23, 14 • in Hidden Gems, Tips for Travelers • with No Comments


    Our custom travel planner Christina, former Italian touristic guide, unveils 6 hidden spots you should get to know for a perfect day on the Island of Capri

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  • 20 Steps to Becoming an Italian Foodie: Campania

    on May 14, 14 • in Destinations, Food & Wine • with No Comments


    Select Italy and Eataly's 6th step to becoming an Italian foodie introduces you to the fascinating region of Campania

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  • 6 Amazing Italians Beaches to Dream About

    on Mar 26, 14 • in Hidden Gems • with 2 Comments

    Ponza Island Chiaia di Luna

    Shake off the winter blues with this list of incredibile beaches

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  • Atlanta Called: Caporuscio Responded. Here’s why the south is going crazy for a new kind of pizza.

    on Feb 20, 14 • in Food & Wine • with No Comments

    pizza margherita don antonio select italy

    We all love Pizza. Especially if it's cooked by one of the masters of Neapolitan Pizza. Here is a review about his new restaurant in Atlanta,

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  • 6 Italian Summer Secrets

    on Jul 18, 12 • in Hidden Gems • with No Comments


    Summer in Italy, everyone’s favorite summer European vacation destination, is a time for enjoyment and discovery. In the spirit of the latter, here’s a mini grab bag of Italy vacation ideas that are not as well-known as some, but great all the same. Naturally, the first secrets are from the city that’s famous for them, Venice

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  • Tips to Experience the Best of Naples

    on Jun 18, 12 • in Destinations • with 9 Comments


    Have you ever been to Naples? Well, if you are planning a trip to Italy and Naples is one of the cities you are going to visit, there are some things you have to know to make the most out of your trip. Chaos, garbage, thievery…we bet at least once you have associated these things to Naples. Well, we are not telling you these “concepts” do not exist there…they exist at least as much as they do in most of the big cities! We want to give you some tips to easily handle all this, without overestimating these problems, taking the most out of your trip

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  • Italy’s Scenic Drives (Part 1)

    on Apr 18, 12 • in Destinations • with 2 Comments


    Italy’s varied geography makes for countless memorable detours, and with all that stunning scenery there’s never a reason to go directly from Point A to Point B unless you’re really in a hurry. But while on vacation you should slow down and savor all you can – especially if you’re up to the challenge of taking on one of Italy’s scariest drives. No, we’re not talking haunted highways, but we do want to tell you about a few hauntingly beautiful stretches of asphalt that open a window onto some of Italy’s most glorious locations. Of course, the definitive “scary drive” in Italy is the Amalfi Drive – scary to some, stupendous to others, but there are more. So fire up the Ferrari and get ready for some Italian road trips you won’t soon forget.

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  • Save a Greek Temple Today

    on Apr 13, 12 • in Destinations • with No Comments


    Superior, all-organic mozzarella di bufala isn’t the only thing that this little corner of Southern Italy has going for it; the most perfectly preserved Greek temple complex in the Mediterranean world can be admired at Paestum, just four miles from the Vannulo farm and a 1 ½ hour drive from the celebrated Amalfi Coast

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  • Vannulo Dairy: the “VIP Mozzarella” Maker

    on Apr 11, 12 • in Food & Wine, Tips for Travelers • with 2 Comments

    Mozzarella cheese

    Mozzarella is certainly one of the most famous Italian traditional food product, but not everyone knows that in Italy there are several “schools of thought” regarding the way this delicious cheese should be made. First of all, it is extremely important to know that mozzarella can be made out of different kinds of milk: buffalo and cow’s milk

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  • Tweet Tweet- The Best of the Week

    on Feb 25, 12 • in All You Can Italy • with No Comments


    Discover the selected news about Italy and travel we found on the web and shared with our community (if you don’t do it already, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We are also on LinkedIn!)

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