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Otranto, Puglia


Puglia is a land bursting with antiquity, architecture, and agriculture. From its fertile, fragrant olive groves to the glistening white palaces of Lecce and from the glorious beaches to the curious conical trulli houses of Alberobello, Puglia is an absolute treasure trove. Until recently, the region was largely unknown outside Italy, but increasingly visitors are making a beeline for this wonderful peninsula.

Lecce is unquestionably one of Puglia’s architectural treasures due to its outstanding Roman amphitheater, Baroque palaces and countless churches; hence the nickname “the Florence of the South”.

Alberobello, meaning “beautiful tree”, should be on your must-see list for Puglia, Italy. The little town is part of the UNESCO World's Heritage Site for its trulli - whitewashed houses built with dry-stone walls and conical roofs.

Once you’ve savored Puglia’s architecture, you can let the region’s wineries tempt you to a glass or three of the local tipple with a private Puglian wine tasting. You may be surprised just how much Puglia has to offer. Alternatively, if you are outdoor and active, you can explore the countryside with biking and hiking trails.

Puglia is a delightfully unspoiled region of Italy with plenty to offer and it is guaranteed to be something to suit everyone. The toughest part is always deciding where to start but our travel experts are on hand to help you design the perfect Puglian vacation.

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