A Journey through time and beauty: Discover our Tuscany Tours

Create magical memories by embarking on a special journey that will stay with you forever. Discover artistic treasures, culture, and history in the most wonderful places. Our Tuscany Tours is an experience that will last a lifetime: 10 days in Tuscany behind the wheel of a marvelous vintage car while visiting three amazing destinations: Fonteverde, Grotta Giusti, and Bagni di Pisa. These accommodations are filled with history, charm, and tradition: from a Renaissance abode to a 19th-century villa set in an enchanted garden, and the residence and thermal spa built for Grand Duke Francis of Lorraine. You will be enchanted and embraced by the great beauty of Tuscany, driving through the wonders of the Tuscan landscape. Get ready for a memorable journey as the Tuscany Tours Experience is designed just for you.

Tuscany Tours First Step

Plunge into the Renaissance in Val D’Orcia

The landscape of Fonteverde is like a masterpiece of art, having a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills. Choose your preferred room category from spacious Deluxe to even more space in a Junior Suite with a large living area. You will experience a wide range of revitalizing treatments at the Fonterverde Thermal Spa: relaxing massages, detoxing thermal mud applications, and the rejuvenating anti-aging treatment.

Tuscany Tours Second Step

A Hidden Jewel of a Grotto

On the second stop of your magical Tuscany Tours journey is the newly renovated Grotta Giusti. It is a 19th-century villa secluded and surrounded by lovely gardens. Here you will experience the spa and springs of Europe’s biggest natural thermal grotto including an underground thermal lake. Guests can choose from Deluxe rooms or Junior suites, all brand new. The thermal pools and thermal grotto are awaiting your arrival to relax.

Tuscany Tours Third Step

The Grand Duke’s Thermal Spa, favored by Kings

Bagni di Pisa was built in the 18th century for the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francis of Lorraine, to take pleasure in the thermal springs located there. Over the centuries it became a majestic spa hotel in which many kings, queens, and great artists stayed there. You can choose from Deluxe rooms and Junior Suites and become a part of royal history on the site of the Grand Duke’s thermal springs.

Drive through Tuscany in Vintage Style

To make your Tuscany Tours truly unique, we have put together a fantastic fleet of vintage cars for you to choose from. Enjoy driving the Alfa Romeo Duetto, or a Triumph Spitfire, MG Roadster or even a Morgan 4/4 plus. And for vintage chic with a laidback vibe, how about a convertible VW Beetle or a delightful Peugeot 304 cabriolet.

Unmissable Experiences

In the Tuscany Tours journey you can choose from very interesting activities that are well known and can also be unusual or unexpected. There is something for everyone to enjoy. For history buffs, there is a visit to the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga, a find from the age of the Etruscans. Or visit the historic town of Montepulciano with a guided tour of Siena and its surrounding area. For wine lovers, you can visit the 19th century villa of Avignonesi Winery with its chapel and historic cellars, or the Leonardo Da Vinci winery with a visit to his birthplace and museum. You can also visit artisan chocolate makers and artisan shoe workshops. For the bravest, how about a hot air balloon flight over Lucca.