Top Scenic Spots in Italy – Perfect for Photography

scenic spots in italy

Italy is known for its beautiful romantic scenery and is packed full of attractions, making it hard to know where to start when it comes to photography. Besides its art treasures, Italy also features beautiful coasts, mountains and alpine lakes, which makes it no surprise that it is often nicknamed the Bel Paese (which translates to “beautiful...

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Ferragosto Musts (If You’re Into Fun and Wine)

two mean pushing a botte up the hill in Montepulciano

Siena's Duomo Like many things in Italy, the history of today’s countrywide holiday reaches back not 200, but 2,000, years, named Ferragosto after the Latin Feriae Augusti, meaning “Augustus’ Rest.” Today its tradition has continued on every August 15th (conveniently also the Feast of the Assumption) as a national day of rest every...

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Siena Cathedral Shows the World its Private Side

Siena's Facade

According the New Oxford American Dictionary, a masterpiece is defined as “a work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship.” The dictionary does not, however, specify if the work of art in question must be complete. If you think about it, many of the world’s most prized works are not even finished. Take Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Gran...

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