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  • Ferragosto Musts (If You’re Into Fun and Wine)

    on Aug 15, 13 • in All You Can Italy • with No Comments

    two mean pushing a botte up the hill in Montepulciano

    Ferragosto is here and Tuscany isn't holding back when it comes to festivals and celebrations. Check out our recommendation for those you should most definitely know about

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  • Italian Summertime Festivals

    on Jun 26, 13 • in Tips for Travelers • with 2 Comments

    summer festival

    Festivals in Italy are celebrated for a variety of different reasons (any excuse to eat, drink, and be merry!). You won't want to miss these exciting traditions!

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  • Siena Cathedral Shows the World its Private Side

    on Jun 24, 13 • in All You Can Italy, Tours & Excursions • with No Comments

    Siena's Facade

    Siena's secrets are now in the open for all to enjoy like never before

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  • Top Scenic Hotspots of Italy – Perfect for Photography

    on Feb 7, 13 • in Destinations • with No Comments

    Santa Maria del Fiore

    Italy is known for its beautiful romantic scenery and is packed full of attractions, making it hard to know where to start when it comes to photography. Besides its art treasures, Italy also features beautiful coasts, mountains and alpine lakes, which makes it no surprise that it is often nicknamed the Bel Paese (which translates to “beautiful country”). With so much striking scenery and stunning sites, it isn’t difficult putting together a list of the top scenic locations of Italy, a perfect place for creating beautiful photos.

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  • Hidden Museum Gems of Milan and Siena

    on Nov 14, 12 • in Milan, Museums & Art, Tuscany • with No Comments


    It is not a secret that Milan is home to the legendary Last Supper painting and Siena boasts the exhilarating Palio event, but there are so many other attractions and masterpieces of these cities, lying the background, waiting to be discovered. Veer off the beaten path on your next visit to Siena or Milan and discover the lesser-known but equally fascinating treasures with the Leonardo's Codex and Siena Cathedral museum passes

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  • 5 Great Tips For The Italian Holiday Ferragosto

    on Aug 10, 12 • in Tips for Travelers • with 1 Comment


    The first thing that you're wondering is, what is Ferragosto? Ferragosto is Assumption Day and is a religious holiday that also celebrates the middle of summer. This period is important because it also marks the beginning Italy's famous vacation period. Celebrated on August 15, Ferragosto is unique in that most Italians will take this vacation period - even those with businesses and shop. It's important to know what to do during this time so here are 5 great tips for the Italian holiday Ferragosto

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  • A Tuscan Top Ten

    on Apr 27, 12 • in Tips for Travelers • with 1 Comment


    A Tuscan top ten…if it sometimes seems like travel magazines are in a constant quest to identify “the new Tuscany,” it’s worth recalling that there is still nothing like the classic Tuscany, and always something new to discover in this varied region. Rolling hills and vineyards, rows of tall cypress trees, rustic farmhouses, cities of Renaissance art, and yes, that brilliant Tuscan sun are all ingredients in a classic Italy vacation that centers on Tuscany. With the warmer months almost upon us, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things Tuscan you won’t want to miss:

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  • Meet Select Italy Team: Selene

    on Apr 17, 12 • in Tips for Travelers • with No Comments


    Meet Select Italy's newest member and find out some Travel Tips.

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  • Meet Select Italy Team: Francesca

    on Mar 6, 12 • in Tips for Travelers • with 1 Comment


    1. Name and What do you do at Select Italy? Francesca De Stefani, Production Manager 2. What’s your favorite Italian destination? Just like most Americans, I love Tuscany, but unlike them, I was born there! If you drive from Florence to Siena, you’ll see lots of medieval borghi (villages) secluded in the surrounding hills. Every small borgo has amazing architecture just waiting to be discovered. Make a stop without planning it ahead and just walk up to the main piazza to have the best food & wine of your life

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  • Tweet Tweet- The Best of the Week

    on Feb 25, 12 • in All You Can Italy • with No Comments


    Discover the selected news about Italy and travel we found on the web and shared with our community (if you don’t do it already, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We are also on LinkedIn!)

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