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    The Vatican Estates: Visit the Museums, Gardens and Pontifical Villas

The Vatican Estates: Visit the Museums, Gardens and Pontifical Villas

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: Approximately 9 hours


There is no better way to witness some of the Vatican's most impressive sites than this full day tour that combines city and countryside to great effect. On a single day, you will be able to visit the Vatican Museums and Gardens and the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and the Gardens of the Pontifical Villas in Castel Gandolfo. The tour includes transportation via the private Vatican Railway to Albano Laziale, with a transfer to the papal estate of Villa Barberini in Castel Gandolfo.

Participants will start the day with a visit to the majestic Vatican Museums, home to one most important art collections in the world. Entrance will be granted with no need to wait in line, and an audio guide in English is included. As you explore centuries of art history, take a moment to admire the splendor of the Sistine Chapel ceilings, Michelangelo's masterpiece and one of the most fascinating art works of all times.

The visit then moves outside to the Giardini Vaticani, the 57 acres of verdant gardens that surround the Vatican City. This complex boasts a number of interesting monuments, sculptures and fountains from the Baroque and Renaissance eras, as well as a wide botanical variety.

Following the walk through the gardens, you will head to the Vatican City Rail Station and take a short train ride to Albano Laziale, where a shuttle will transfer the participants to the Pontifical Villas. Once there, you will go to the Villa Barberini Gardens, opened for visitors by Pope Francis in 2014, for an audio guided tour of the location. Discover the ruins that once inspired the great Italian artist, Piranesi, and admire the sweeping view from Piazzale Quadrato before taking the train back to Rome: this is an unforgettable day for people of all faiths.

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Price $69.00 per person

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Additional Information

This service IS NOT a guided tour. You will have entrance tickets and a fixed schedule, with audio guides for each venue.

You will not be allowed to enter without proper attire - no shorts, miniskirts or capri-style pants, no sleeveless shirts or bare shoulders.

Please note that the tour is currently not wheelchair accessible.

Backpacks, luggage, large purses, stick umbrellas and camera tripods are NOT allowed. There is NO storage, so Select Italy strongly suggests you avoid bringing these items or you risk being denied entrance to the museums.

This Service Includes:

  • 8:00AM: Entrance to Vatican Museums, including audio guide
  • 10:00AM: Tour around the Vatican City's Garden's with audio guide
  • 11:00AM: Train to Albano Laziale from Vatican City Rail Station, followed by a transfer to the Pontifical Villas in Castel Gandolfo
  • 12:00PM: Tour of Villa Barberini's gardens with audio guide
  • 1:30PM: Exit from the Pontifical Villa's and free time in Castel Gandolfo
  • 4:30PM: Transfer to Albano Laziale and Train to Rome San Pietro Station
Please note that the audio guide for each venue is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian.

Sites Included: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Gardens, Villa Barberini in Castel Gandolfo

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