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    Half-day Private Walking Tour of Syracuse

Half-day Private Walking Tour of Syracuse

  • City: Siracusa
  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours


On this tour, you have two different options to explore Syracuse. One will allow you to visit the Archaeological Park and Museum, while the other one will take you to Ortigia, one of Sicily's gems:

  • Half-day Private Walking Tour of Archaeological Park and Museum
  • Discover the archaeological park and museum of Syracuse with an expert English-speaking guide who will lead you through the highlights of this major site. The Greek Theater, built at the beginning of the fifth century B.C. and still used for performances today, and the Roman Amphitheater are two magnificent examples of ancient architecture that testify to the age of glory of the city of Archimedes (modern-day Syracuse). Even more intriguing is the Ear of Dionysius, a limestone cave (75 ft. high and 213 ft. deep) named for its serpentine shape and incredible acoustics. Due to its shape, the cave focuses and amplifies all sounds from the outside, even far away street noises. After visiting the park, you'll make your way towards the Archaeological Museum where precious artifacts such as marble and bronze statues, terracotta vases, weapons and coins are preserved.

  • Half-day Private Walking Tour of Ortigia
  • The island of Ortigia is the heart of the city: here Greek colonists from Corinth founded Syracuse in 734-33 B.C and expansion to the mainland came only later. The tour will begin with the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the oldest Doric temple of Magna Grecia still standing. A short stroll takes you to Piazza Archimede, Ortigia's main square and its "elegant living room". Next comes the magnificent Duomo of Syracuse, a Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena that was transformed into the city's cathedral. While keeping up with the times and changes of religion (Greek temple, church, mosque and then a church again), the site has remained a place of worship for over two and a half millennia! At Ortigia's far edge is the Fonte Aretusa, a curious freshwater spring that flows into the sea. Wild papyrus grows here and ducks paddle in the deep waters of the spring.

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Half-day Tour of Archaeological Park and Museum
# of People Price
2 - 6 people $273.00 per group
Half-day Walking Tour of Ortigia
# of People Price
2 - 6 people $273.00 per group

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Additional Information

Please note that transportation to/from the site is NOT included in the total price. Select Italy will be happy to arrange a private transfer for a supplemental fee.

Please note that entrance tickets are not included in the total price and must be paid by the client in cash on site. For the Archaeological Park and Museum tour, entrance tickets are about €15.00 per person, the Ortigia tour entrance tickets are approximately €2.00 per person.

Sites Included: Syracuse

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