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    Tasting Wines in the Heart of Siena

Tasting Wines in the Heart of Siena

  • City: Siena
  • Duration: Approximately 45 to 60 minutes.


An enoteca installed in a 17th-century building right off Siena's beautiful Piazza del Campo is the perfect place for a wine tasting that will please your taste buds and stimulate your mind. These classes in wine appreciation last approximately one hour and are led by an expert sommelier who presents four wines to teach you about the history of the varietal, its cultural significance, and professional tasters' tricks to savoring wine and describing its flavors. Great for beginning wine lovers and specialists alike, you will learn alongside other wine enthusiasts like yourself (up to 12 participants). 

Choose between four different focus areas:

  • "Discover Wine in Three Steps" teaches to smell, taste, and look at Italian wines and understand the most important characteristics to seek out, as well as what wines to pair with which foods. The four wines tasted are Prosecco, the classic Italian sparkling white from the Veneto; Rosé, with its fresh fruitiness extracted from native red varietals; Chianti or Supertuscan; and Refrontolo, a traditional Northern Italian dessert wine.
  • "An Italian Wine Trip" moves from South to North, covering sparkling Prosecco, from the Veneto region; Sicilia Grillo, an excellent Sicilian white wine with mineral and fruit flavors; Chianti Classico or Supertuscan, the original Tuscan superstar wines; and Barolo, the noble red from the Langhe in Piedmont, made from Nebbiolo grapes.
  • "R&W in Tuscany"explores the best reds and whites from Tuscany like Vermentino, fruity and mineral (some say it tastes of the Mediterranean Sea); Vernaccia, a unique varietal from San Gimignano; Rosso di Montepulciano, a great Sangiovese that hails from the famous walled city; and Brunello or Supertuscan -- Tuscan terroir in a glass. 
  • "Sangiovese Madness" focuses on the Sangiovese grape, used in the most famous and typical Tuscan wines like Chianti Classico and Brunello. In this class, you will taste Chianti Colli Senesi; a Supertuscan SangioveseNobile di Montepulciano; and Brunello di Montalcino, the very best Sangiovese that is aged for years.

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Discover Wine in Three Steps
Price $23.00 per person
An Italian Wine Trip
Price $23.00 per person
R&W in Tuscany
Price $23.00 per person
Sangiovese Madness
Price $23.00 per person

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Additional Information


  • Tasting of four different high-quality wines
  • Power Point presentation of course concepts
  • English-speaking sommelier as instructor
  • Additional educational materials can be sent to participants via email after the class
Participants in this class are both Select Italy and non-Select Italy clients; maximum number is 12. You must be 18 or over to participate.

Please note that transportation to/from the tour meeting point is NOT included in the tour price, but it can be organized for an additional fee.

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