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  • Unified but Unique – Top destinations for the 150th anniversary Part 3 – The South

    on Mar 17, 11 • in Destinations • with 3 Comments


    A proper celebration of Italy’s 150th anniversary as a nation can’t happen with out honoring the bottom of the boot. From the jet-setting island of Capri to the stunning Amalfi towns, from ancient Pompeii to the iconic Naples, Southern Italy pulses with it’s own unique energy and traditions making it a must see for anyone craving authenticity and adventure.

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  • Top 5 Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Italy

    on Mar 4, 11 • in Hidden Gems • with 9 Comments

    Bologna from above. View on Piazza Maggiore

    Patricia Vance from Got Saga was kind enough to ask us to write a guest post on 5 Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Italy. I was happy to share the secrets spots (and not so secret ones). Traveling to Italy is often synonymous of visiting the Big 3 (Rome, Florence and Venice) and all the other legitimately popular destinations such as Tuscany and Amalfi Coast. But what else is there to see in Italy? There is an entire country just waiting to be explored! If you've been to Italy before, maybe it's time to get off the beaten tourist path

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  • Finding Ancient Rome – Part 2

    on Mar 3, 11 • in Museums & Art • with 1 Comment

    Pantheon Rome

    Everyone plans to spend at least one day of their vacation in the heart of Ancient Rome. You'll wander the Colosseum, hop over the stones of the Roman Forum, and gaze down into the depths of the Imperial Forum. Having done that, if you're the average tourist, you figure you can check Ancient Rome off the list

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  • Finding Ancient Rome – Part 1

    on Mar 2, 11 • in Destinations • with 2 Comments


    I'm an amateur archaeology junky, the type that browses the internet lured by any article using the worlds "lost," "temple," or "civilization." Needless to say, any trip I take to Italy involves some serious archaeology trolling. (To any Italian art authorities reading this blog â - please note I am not actually digging illegally. I just mean that I drag my traveling companions to any Ancient Roman site.)

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