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  • Famously Fragile: See These Italian Beauties Now

    on Mar 2, 12 • in Hidden Gems • with 6 Comments


    Italian and iconic, but famously fragile: that’s an apt description for some places in Italy that should be the near top of any Italy-bound traveler’s must-see list. Did you know that Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country? The wealth of culture here is truly astounding. And, because Italy’s UNESCO sites and other historical treasures tend have cultural significance that extends far beyond the borders of Italy itself, when they are in jeopardy, people around the world tend to heed the call (case in point: following the highly destructive Abruzzo earthquake in 2009, centered in L’Aquila, Madonna reached out with a $500,000 check to assist the region her ancestors come from)

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