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  • 3 Italian Destinations Where You Can Plan Your Wedding As Celebrities Do (and Spend Less Than They Do)

    on Aug 14, 14 • in Wedding & Honeymoon • with No Comments


    Getting married and honeymooning in Italy is not just a celebrity business. Everybody can make their dream come true and begin a life together in the most romantic place in the world!

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  • When in Italy, no regrets: get a guided tour

    on Feb 2, 13 • in Tours & Excursions • with No Comments


    If you need help deciding where you want to spend your next Italy vacation, Select Italy can help!

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  • Mark Zuckerberg and His New Castle

    on Jul 13, 12 • in Hidden Gems • with 3 Comments


    Mark Zuckerberg’s honeymoon in Rome was a modest and quaint affair with new wife Priscilla Chan. They dined for 30 euros in the Jewish ghetto, toured the main sites unaccompanied and enjoyed their classic Italian vacation like many tourists do. However, while the honeymoon might have been modest relative to Zuckerberg’s wealth, the wedding gift he is presumed to purchase for his new wife, is not.

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  • Mark & Priscilla “Like” Their Italian Honeymoon!

    on May 30, 12 • in Wedding & Honeymoon • with No Comments

    Mark Zuckerberg Wedding

    A just married couple in Rome? How can something like this turn out to be a news? Well, if the couple we are talking about is composed by the young Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife Priscilla Chan that have been seen these days strolling and having a good time in Rome, the thing makes much more sense. We must say, this comes as no surprise. Italy is one preferred destination for honeymooners and it seems that also Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerberg decided to embrace the tradition and identified Italy as the perfect location to celebrate their marriage

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  • Meet Select Italy Team: Maria

    on Jan 30, 12 • in Tips for Travelers • with 3 Comments


    Let's meet Maria: 1. Name and What do you do at Select Italy? Maria Meyer, I am the Director of Wedding & Honeymoon Services. For a beautifully romantic honeymoon or special ceremony in Italy, I'm your girl

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  • Honeymooning in Italy: A Perfect Pairing

    on Mar 22, 11 • in Destinations • with No Comments


    Italy is made for lovers, especially honeymooners. While each region has its own amorous qualities and aphrodisiac attractions to inspire and seduce, a top honeymoon trend has been to combine the Amalfi Coast and Rome. Balancing activity and relaxation, the pairing of these two locations provides a well-rounded honeymoon full of romance, culture and of course plenty of photo opportunities. If you are planning to take up the trend and honeymoon in Rome and Amalfi, here are Select Italy’s recommendations for the perfect balance of travel and tranquility

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