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Antica Torre
del Nera

Italy is much more than its grand architecture, dazzling fashion, and mesmerising beaches. There is a strong, rustic heart that beats through the landscape with many an unexplored gem. The quiet, tranquil village of Scheggino is one of them. Nestled in the midst of the rural town is the Antica Torre Del Nera: A unique, vintage property, that carries the soul of the royal, medieval times.


Apartament suites

Everything about the property is inspired by the countryside. The 16 apartment suites carry rustic motifs such as wooden upholstery, stone walls, and a charming fireplace. The colours of the décor also create the feel of the countryside with rich shades, such as maroon, complementing pastel yellow shades. All the rooms feature a small kitchen area where you can cook up some fine spaghetti and pasta using farm-fresh produce.

Perfect location

What makes the boutique property an ideal vacation home is its proximity to serene nature. All the rooms open to calming sights of the wooded forest that surround the property. Gaze a little further, and you will find a canal that runs next to the property. The soothing sound of the flowing water makes it a perfect location to go for a walk, or simply sit by the shore and de-stress.


The Antica Torre Del Nera offers a tranquil getaway from the crowded tourist trail, allowing you to disconnect from your busy lives and connect with nature instead.

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