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La Traviata with fixed-menu dinner included (at Teatro Salone Margherita)

Address: Teatro Salone Margherita, Rome - Via dei Due Macelli, 75

Directions: Consult detailed map for directions from your accommodations.

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Opera & Concerts at a Glance


Operas are typically performed in their original language with Italian subtitles. Get the full story before the opera! Select Italy offers a variety of libretti in English to complement your opera tickets.

Dress Code

Dress nicely for Italian musical events. You may be turned away if you are dressed too casually. Opening night opera performances require a full dark suit for men, an elegant dress for ladies.


Operas, ballets and concerts can run anywhere from 1.5 to 3+ hours. Consider your evening transportation options for returning to your hotel. Some trains or public transportation may not be available after 10:30 pm.


Some theaters may be equipped for those with disabilities. Please contact Select Italy for further details.

Performance Info

Performance Description

BALCONY AND DINNER: (eat in a separate room and see the show from the balcony)
Antipasto and First Course in the Liberty Room
Opera First Act in the Balcony
Main Course in the Liberty Room
Opera Second Act in the Balcony
Dessert in the Liberty Room
Opera Final Act at the Balcony

Dinner starts one hour before the show, price per person
Minimum 1 person per booking, Maximum 10 people per booking

BOX AND DINNER: (eat and see the show from your table)
One Table for 2 (Concert & Dinner for 2 people)
One Table for 3 (Concert & Dinner for 3 people)
One Table for 4 (Concert & Dinner for 4 people)

Dinner starts one hour before the show

Dinner begins promptly at 7:30PM. You must arrive on time! The performance will start at 8:30PM. The dinner menu listed below is subject to change. No substitutions or changes are allowed.

Each box table holds a maximum of 4 guests. Bookings for more than 4 people will be split into multiple boxes. Note that no other groups will be at your table! For example, if you book for 2 people, you will be the only 2 people at the table.

Sample Dinner Menu (subject to change),
No substitutions or changes allowed

Antipasti - Starters
- Pumpkin flower with mozzarella and anchovies
- Sicilian ratatouille with swordfish
- Codfish “carpaccio” with avocado

Primo piatto - First Course
- Ravioli filled with Apulian burrata with Piennolo
- Vesuvian tomato and basil

Secondo piatto - Main Course
- Veal medallions with sun-dried tomato sauce and field vegetables

Dolce – Dessert
- Tartlet with strawberry cream from Castelli Romani

Dinner also includes water and bread

Synopsis: Salone Margherita Theatre was born in 1898 as a cafè chantant, an intimate venue where people ate while watching variety shows and opera performances. The theatre Salone Margherita has been completely refurbished and is once again fulfilling the theatre's original idea of a cafè chantant. A fine dining experience for each performance is offered in the elegant Liberty Halls on the top floor, with reserved seat in the central balcony to see the show, and in its prestigious and exclusive private boxes overlooking the stage. A gourmet journey where you will enjoy the best of Italian tradition.

Salone Margherita Theatre was born in 1898 in the heart of Rome. The name Margherita was a clear homage to Margherita of Savoia, King Umberto's first wife.

Here typical vaudeville shows were presented to flaunt more luxury and refinement than in any other theatre in Rome. In the '10s, the best comedians and the most sought after soubrettes of the age appeared in the playbill of the theatre, and, throughout the past century, it has been associated with revues, Roman comedy, vaudeville and operetta. Since 2011, it has hosted an important part of I Virtuosi dell'Opera di Roma's concert season.

The Orchestra I Virtuosi dell'Opera di Roma, formed by professors of the most prestigious Italian conservatories, specializes in performing whole operas, especially those from the Italian tradition.

"La Traviata", the most famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi, set in Paris in the mid-1800s, tells of the impossible love between Violetta, a well-known courtesan, and Alfredo, a young good-looking nobleman. From its beginning, their story is predestined to end in tragedy.

During a party, courtesan Violetta discovers that Alfredo has been in love with her for the past year. A short while afterwards, they are living together near Paris, but because of her past behaviour, Alfredo's father asks her to leave him. Violetta sacrifices herself and Alfredo, unaware, hurts her. A few months later Violetta is dying. Soon Alfredo is there at her bedside. Crying out that she feels life returning, she falls dead in his arms.


  • Pierluigi Pascucci; Adriano Gentili
  • Carmela Maffongelli; Sabrina Testa
  • Irene Bottaro; Maria Ratkova
  • Guido Bernoni
  • Paolo Drigo; Giancarlo Pera
  • Andrea Cionci
  • Enzo Ferrari
  • Stefano Viti
  • Giuseppe Meli
  • Silvio Riccardi