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    Porta del Cielo All Inclusive - Cathedral Pass, Siena

Porta del Cielo All Inclusive - Cathedral Pass, Siena

  • City Siena

See Siena's most important museums and sites with a single pass that allows you to enter the Cathedral Complex without standing in line.


A single ticket for an unforgettable itinerary through the most magnificent sites clustered around Siena's immense Gothic cathedral. Six monuments in the heart of the medieval city - all with pre-paid tickets and no waiting in line!

Valid for three days, the flexible Siena Cathedral Combo Pass allows you to skip the lines at these museums and sites, and visit them in whatever order you wish. It is a great value, generating savings of 50% over the cost of the single admissions. These six sites are included in the pass:

  • The Duomo, including the secret itineraries and the Piccolomini Library
  • Crypt
  • Baptistery of San Giovanni
  • Museo dell'Opera, including the world-famous Maesta' by Duccio
  • Facciatone with its panoramic terrace
  • Oratory of San Bernardino
The Duomo
Siena cathedral is a rich treasure trove of Tuscan art. Built from 1215 to 1263, Gothic master Nicola Pisano was one of the architects and his splendid marble pulpit - a masterpiece of medieval sculpture - stands in the left transept, while statues by Donatello, Michelangelo and Gianlorenzo Bernini are scattered throughout the church. The Piccolomini Library, painted by Pinturicchio in 1509, is a charming Renaissance fairytale with colorful frescoes from the life of Pope Pius II - even the cathedral's 14,000 square foot inlaid marble floor is a work of art!

Secret Itineraries of Siena Cathedral For only the second time in history, a series of walkways, hidden spiral staircases and indoor and outdoor balconies atop Siena's fantastic, zebra-striped Gothic cathedral have been opened to the public. Visitors will be allowed at the reserved time to visit independently (but accompanied by a guard) the parts of the structure that have been closed to all but the building's architects for over 700 years.

Beneath the cathedral is the latest artistic discovery in Siena: a room widely referred to as the "crypt," although no bodies have been found buried here. Most likely this subterranean room (open to the public only since 2004) was an entrance to the previous church. It boasts a fresco cycle painted between 1270 and 1275 by a yet unidentified master. The vibrant blue, gold, and burgundy colors of these frescoes have been impressively preserved, thanks to the lack of light and humidity in this part of the church.

Baptistery of San Giovanni
Tucked away underneath the Duomo, down a steep flight of steps, is the separate building housing the Baptistery of San Giovanni. Here you can admire the splendid bronze and marble baptismal font on which Jacopo della Quercia, Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti all worked.

Museo dell'Opera
The ambitious Sienese started building a much bigger cathedral in 1339, but a plague hit the city soon after and the plan came to nothing. One side of the unfinished nave was eventually roofed over and now houses the Duomo Museum. Its ground floor is devoted to sculpture from the cathedral's exterior, including Gothic statues by Giovanni Pisano (1250-1315) that had become eroded outside. The world-famous Maesta' by Duccio di Buoninsegna - the largest altarpiece ever painted - has a room to itself. Painted between 1308-11 and placed on the high altar of the Duomo, it depicts an elegant Enthroned Madonna and Child presiding over a of saints; the use of pure gold leaf and costly lapis lazuli is dazzling.

End your visit to the museum with a climb up to the panoramic terrace of the unfinished Duomo. From the Facciatone (literally, the "big face"), you will witness an unforgettable bird's-eye view over Siena and the Tuscan countryside. Don't forget your camera to take pictures from this amazing observation point!

Oratory of San Bernardino
The Siena Cathedral Complex Pass also includes admission to the perfectly preserved Oratory of San Bernardino in Piazza San Francesco; this little building constitutes the most extraordinary art complex of sixteenth-century Siena.

Please note that the date and time you select when checking out refers to the Secret Itineraries of Siena Cathedral. It means if you select May 22nd at 10 AM, you will be able to access the secret itineraries on that date and time.

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Date Range Price
From Mar 01, 2020 to Jan 07, 2021 $32.00 per person
Children (Under 12) $5.00 per person

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Additional Information

The Siena Cathedral Complex Pass is valid for three (3) consecutive days, one entrance per site, however, the visit to the secret itineraries of Siena cathedral takes place at the reserved date/time.

Please note that the date and time you select when checking out refers to the Secret Itineraries of Siena Cathedral. It means if you select May 22nd at 10 AM, you will be able to access the secret itineraries on that date and time.

Your reserved and pre-purchased pass can be redeemed at the cathedral box office.

Siena cathedral is wheelchair accessible, but the other museums/sites are not.

The Cathedral Combo Pass is free for all children who are under 11 years of age; however a mandatory reservation is required. The cost of the reservation is $5.00.

Please note that the sites and museums included in this pass have individual hours of operation.

The entire itinerary takes about two and a half hours to complete.

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We booked many passes through other companies before our trip for many buildings in several Italian cities. Most did not deliver as indicated. In Siena there was a dedicated window that took our Select Italy vouchers, avoiding all need for queueing. Even at the start of October their was a continuing queue for tickets which would have meant a half hour wait in the hot sun.

We were in Siena in September 2012 and found great value in the Cathedral Combo Pass. The line for tickets was very long, as was the line to get into the cathedral...we got to skip both lines and go right in. The pass allowed us entrance into all the museum areas of Siena that are worth seeing; the cathedral was especially impressive. Particularly at the time we were there, the floors that are usually covered were uncovered, which enhanced the experience of touring through the cathedral. We ordered the pass from Select Italy online a few days prior to our trip and the process was easy. Upon request, they even faxed a copy of our reservation confirmation to the hotel we were staying at. I spoke on the phone with a representative of Select Italy who was very helpful; great customer service from Select Italy. I would recommend this service.

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