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    Palazzo Valentini Tickets, Rome

Palazzo Valentini Tickets, Rome

  • City Rome

Discover how Romans used to live almost 1,700 years ago by visiting these 4th century AD patrician villas.


Take a captivating journey through time at the Domus Romane, a 20,000 square foot complex with two 4th century AD patrician villas and the remains of a private thermal bath situated next to Trajan's Forum in the heart of Imperial Rome.

Sophisticated multimedia reconstructions featuring computer-generated projections and realistic light and sound effects plunge spectators into Roman life as it was lived almost 1,700 years ago. A wealth of mosaics, polychrome wall veneers, fountains and frescoes attests to the high rank of the villa's owners, who were probably magistrates or senators.

Archaeologists stumbled on the villas in 2005 during repair work on the underground areas of the 16th-century Palazzo Valentini, the seat of Rome's Provincial Administration. Because of the fragmentary state of the ruins, videos are used to reconstruct not only what the villas may have looked like but also scenes from daily life in ancient Rome - crowds cheering victorious centurions, a glimpse of a chaotic food market and a mugging in a dimly lighted back alley. At the tour's end, visitors spill out into Trajan's Forum after passing through a series of tunnels and air-raid shelters dating from 1939.

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Price $23.00 per person
Children (6-17 years old) $15.00 per person

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Additional Information

The visit, in English, lasts approximately 75 minutes.

Children under the age of 3 do not require a ticket. However, the museum does not recommend bringing children on the tour that are under the age of six. Strollers inside the museum are not allowed.

The ruins are open every day from 9.30am until 5.00 pm.

Closed on Tuesdays, 25th December, 1st of January and 1st of May.

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The site is very interesting because it shows you the levels of Italian history in one place and you can imagine life in Italy's past. However, the tour is really more about the recorded audio and images rather than the expertise of the guide. Also, note that all Italian sites are crowded and inflexible regarding excluding you for late reservations. So reserve early.

I find it so interesting to see how they lived so long ago it is amazing what is coming to life.

This Palazzo was the home, over the centuries, of the wealthy class, showing how they lived, dating back before the 16th century and on. You basically walk from room to room with a guide who describes some of what you're seeing, in addition to a multimedia presentation which points out special parts of each room. Extremely well done and definitely worth it.

The tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Rome. It is very well done and helps one visualize the original rooms through the light display over the ruins.

My husband and I were recommended to go to Palazzo Valentini. We weren't sure what we were getting ready to see but once inside the historical ruins beneath our feet were amazing! It was great to take a look into the past below while being surrounded by the new city. Great tour and worth to see!

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