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    Accademia Gallery Tickets, Florence

Accademia Gallery Tickets, Florence

  • City Florence

Reserve your tickets in advance for the celebrated Accademia Gallery in Florence and skip the long line!


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In 1873, Michelangelo's famous statue of David was moved to a specially designed room in the Galleria dell'Accademia from his position out in front of Palazzo Vecchio, where he had stood since Michelangelo's time. Preparations were underway for an 1875 exhibition on Michelangelo to celebrate the great master's 400th birthday, after which the Accademia would become a museum dedicated to Michelangelo.

Though the collection has since expanded to include works ranging from Florentine Gothic painting to Russian icons, as well as Italian Renaissance and Baroque works by Jacopo da Pontormo, Ghirlandaio, and others, it is still primarily known for Michelangelo's "White Giant." Come admire this incomparable masterpiece and see the four unfinished Slaves that Michelangelo started carving for the tomb of Pope Julius II.

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Price $25.00 per person
Children (6-17 years old) $7.00 per person

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Additional Information

You must be at the museum 10 minutes before your scheduled entrance time to redeem your tickets.

The Accademia Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Entrance to the Accademia Gallery is free for all children under 18 years of age, however Select Italy recommends that you make a reservation in order to skip the line. Please note that there is a fee for the reservation. Tickets for children under 6 are free and they do not require an advanced reservation when entering with an adult.

The estimated wait time at the Accademia is currently 1.5 hours. With a reservation from Select Italy you can skip the line.

The Accademia allows reserved entrances every 15 minutes from 8:15 am to 5:30 pm. The museum officially closes at 6:50 pm.

You are allowed to stay in the museum as long as you would like after entrance. You should plan for approximately 1-1.5 hours for your visit, as the museum is small in size and collection.

The Accademia is closed every Monday as well as December 25, January 1 and May 1. Tuesdays are generally the most crowded days, while 9:00 am and 2:00 pm are generally the busiest times of day.

Reservation requests for this museum generally can be confirmed in one business day. If you place your order on Friday, confirmation will not be available until Monday.

The Accademia is located North of the city center near the Monastery of San Marco and is only a 10 minute walk from the Duomo, 15 minute walk from the Galleria degli Uffizi and 20 minute walk from the Ponte Vecchio and Pitti Palace.

You can easily visit the Galleria dell'Accademia and the Galleria degli Uffizi in one day. Plan to see the Accademia first and the Uffizi approximately 2-2.5 hours later to allow for viewing time and walking time.

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Glad we had advance tickets because we visited on a very busy day with more crowds all around Florence than we have ever seen. Voucher exchange for fast pass tickets went quite smoothly for us and the hundred or so others who had similar vouchers. The service you provided was excellent. The local control at the entry point was disappointing.

Want to spend your time in line waiting to buy entry tickets? Then don't pre-purchase your entry tickets. Select Italy was the fast & easy way to purchase skip-the-line entry tickets. Will use again, for sure!

The tickets we aquired for various museums, wineries and attractions in Italy worked out beautifully! Everywhere we went, there were long lines, which we were able to bypass thanks to Select Italy. With just a little planning and buying tickets on line beforehand, we saved enormous amounts of time. Thanks, Select Italy, for this priceless service!

We went to the Italy during the busiest tourist season, lines were everywhere but not for us. Thank you very much Select Italy for your service, with your arrangements we didn’t spend more than 15 minutes waiting at the very famous places.

While our experience was positive and we were able to get helpful information from the staff, our observation of how others were treated overshadowed our visit. We obtained our voucher by email and then stood in line only to realize others had tickets in their hands. We asked if we were in the correct line and were directed to another location to exchange the voucher for tickets. While in line we saw a gentleman rush up to the line with a panicked look on his face as he looked at the line, the number above the door and the paper he held in his hand. We asked what time his entrance was scheduled for and was told it was in ten minutes. Everyone in line was very accommodating and let him go ahead of us to exchange the voucher for his tickets. Another gentleman in line did the same thing. The first gentleman was denied getting his tickets but the second gentleman with the same entry time was given his tickets. Inconsistent treatment and a very negative experience not only for the family who lost the opportunity to see the Museum but for everyone in line who witnessed it. What could have been a very positive experience for all concerned was overshadowed by one staff member who used his "authority" to deny the gentleman his tickets simply because he was ten minutes prior to the entry time instead of the required fifteen. Really?!?! Other than that the museum was wonderful, the David breath-taking and the rest of the staff were most helpful. I highly recommend the service.

Dear Maureen, We are so sorry to hear about the poor customer service you witnessed at the Uffizi Gallery. Unfortunately, Select Italy has no control over the museum staff, which is not a part of Select Italy and is independently managed by the state museum system in Florence. To avoid any of the issues such as what you witnessed other people experience at the museum, Select Italy always encourages it clients to closely follow the written instructions on the voucher. They spell out the exact pick up location of the tickets and the pick up procedure. Best regards, Select Italy

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