Vibrant Venetian Villas You Have To Visit

Luxurious, relaxing, breathtaking. Overlooking endless rolling hills and gorgeous lakes, exclusive dining, accompanied by authentic Renaissance décor; a new and picturesque way of vacationing in Italy. Being able to travel to Italy can be a lifetime dream, and being able to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Italy in a lavish atmosphere is the perfect way to enjoy the dolce vita.

Viva La Villa

Villas in Italy are spacious, well-suited, and accommodating for large groups and are also charming and naturally inviting to the variety of travelers passing through the Bel Paese. Villas can come in all shapes and sizes and range from modern to authentic decor, truly the perfect added backdrop to any magical vacation experience. The Veneto region of Italy (located in the northeast corner of the country) is home to some of the most unique and historic villas any Italy-goer would die to escape to and unwind.

Veneto is among one of the wealthiness, historic, natural, artistic, and culinary epicenters of Italy. Here you will find magnificent views of not only the Dolomites but also the Alps, rolling hills, and picturesque lakes making Veneto the most visited region in Italy.

Whisk away from tourist areas and de-stress in the privacy of Veneto’s most luxurious villas while indulging in a slice of Tiramisu and a glass of Prosecco. Below is a list of five outstanding Veneto Villas that would complete any visit to Italy’s favorite region.

Villa Casabrando


This villa not only has a 16th century style house, but; a 15th century style additional wing

This gorgeous villa is located at the foothills of the Dolomites and was built in the 15th century. The interior has received extensive renovations to preserve the Renaissance style decorations while adding a twist of modern amenities. Original antiques, captivating garden, and a swimming pool add a unique flare of the location. A peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, Villa Casabrando sits near many famous sites and where guests appreciate both serenity of a countryside stay and the excitement of tourists attractions. Imagine yourself sipping on a glass of wine while admiring the large 16th style entrance hall or a view of the rose garden and fireplace.

Villa La Colombella

villa colombella

This villa can sleep up to 10 people and the entire property is 2,900 square feet

Elegant and marvelous, this 400-year-old complex has been owned by the same family throughout its existence. Completely restored within the last few years, Villa La Colombella is an ideal accommodation to sit outside and admire the beautiful courtyard or the tranquility of the private pool. Impeccably positioned on the south eastern tip of Lake Garda, the natural surroundings are breathtaking. Located close to the town of Peshiera del Garda, where shopping and flawless restaurants await your arrival.

Villa del Quar

A lavish stay is an understatement at Villa del Quar

Indulgence is an understatement at Villa del Quar. Established in the 15th and 16th century and built along the ancient Romana Claudia Augusta road, now you can find this villa nearest to the romantic city of Verona. Lavish amenities greet you around every corner while your any care in the world is taken care of. Colorful gardens, precious fabrics, floral motifs and Murano glass lamps are all amazing additions to the visit. Top of the line services and space for events and weddings are the perfect addition to Villa del Quar’s charm. Lounge by the pool or dine at the villa’s restaurant, but don’t forget to try a glass of wine at the estates very own vineyard! Interested in spending your dream vacation at Villa del Quar? Contact our experts at


If a villa overnight stay isn’t something you are looking for in your Venetian vacation, but you still want to explore the historic culture and lifestyle these villas recreate, consider taking a villa tour.

Villa Contarini

Villa contarini

Don’t pass up a day trip to this marvelous Venetian villa

This villa stands on the ruins of an ancient castle built by the Dente family around the year 1,000. Eventually inherited by a member of the Contarini family, Marco; he expanded the building into a scenic fabulous estate. Then in the hands of the Camerini family and Professor G.E. Chirardi, the property was redesigned- restoring the 19th century style. Now owned and operated by the region of Veneto, this villa is extraordinary and regularly used of concerts, cultural events, weddings and receptions. Although this villa is not available for overnight stay, guided tours of the estate and park are well worth the time to visit. While exploring, enjoy an aperitivo and step back in time to an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle. If you are interested in visiting Villa Contarini, contact our Select Italy experts at

Palladian Villas


Picturesque views surround the Palladian villas

Take a step into Venice’s countryside while experiencing three of Palladio’s world-renowned villas. Stopping in UNESCO World Heritage towns and enjoying local cuisine and wine, each villa is noted for its enchanting atmosphere and decorated frescoes. Some villas are still the private residence of families who have lived there for decades and others have inspired architecture used for the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. A charming and elegant day tour, picture-perfect scenery and serene atmosphere gives way to a remarkable experience.

Have you ever stayed a villa in Italy? What was your experience like?



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