Travel Italy By Train

When traveling to Italy, most people stay on the beaten path, missing out on some of the most authentic and unforgettable Italian experiences! Traveling through Italy on train, however, can allow you to see many of those undiscovered treasures (a chance that, regrettably, not many tourists take). Looking outside the compartment’s windows you’ll see the cutest, little hamlets and, contrastingly, ultra modern neighborhoods. Fields of sunflowers gently swaying in the wind and violently red poppies that will rouse you from you daydreaming.

Purchase Train Tickets in Advance

If you wait to get your Italy train tickets, it might be hard to find the exact tickets you want. Instead look into buying your train tickets in advance.┬áThis will ensure that language barriers won’t be a problem, and getting the tickets you need for the perfect day and time won’t be a hassle. Here at Select Italy, our experts know the best trains to use at the most affordable prices. We want to ensure you have a fantastic travel experience and traveling Italy by train is one of the best options for an unforgettable vacation.



2 thoughts on “Travel Italy By Train

  1. We will be arriving FCO from the U.S. on a Saturday this spring. We will have no checked bags. We want to use the shuttle train to Termini and then a fast, non stop train to Florence first class. I’m concerned about coordinating the schedules, particularly since we don’t know how long it will take to clear customs.
    Should we buy tickets in advance and risk missing our planned connections or wait till we arrive and get through customs?


    • Thomas,

      Yes, you can purchase tickets in advance but you should allow at least one hour to get out of FCO. One caveat though, is if you miss you the train, tickets can NOT be refunded or changed. Also, for situations like this, we recommend travel insurance to make sure all of your travel is protected. Hope this helps!

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