Italian Train Tickets Made Easy

Buying your Italy train tickets through Select Italy is a breeze. We offer the most competitive prices on tickets from city to city for our customers. And because Select Italy is an appointed agent for Trenitalia, Italy’s primary train operator, you can be assured  that you will have the finest transportation you need to see all of the places of interest on your Italian travel list. While you will for the most part notice major routes to and from Venice, Rome, Florence, and Naples on our website, tickets and seat reservations are available through Select Italy on all trains throughout the Italian rail network, making it easy for you to find the perfect train for your travel. Don’t see what you want? Send an email to with your desired route and we will send you a custom quote. With the most comprehensive train tickets available,  purchasing train tickets through Select Italy is just the right solution.

The Perfect Way To Travel

Italy is known for its breathtaking landscape, which captures the hearts of its train travelers, both foreign and not. By train is indisputably the most scenic and often the most desirable way to travel throughout Italy, allowing you to cross all of those magnificent sites off your list while enjoying the attractive countryside. In addition, several of the trains between cities are high-speed and offer optimal comfort options in first class, getting you quickly and comfortably to your destination. Provided with luxury amenities and delectable culinary experiences, traveling by train is a no-brainer!



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