Top Guided Tours in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast stretches for 50 kilometers along the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula, in the southern Italian region of Campania, approximately a one-hour-and-a-half drive from Naples. Inscribed by UNESCO in its World Heritage List as “an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape,” the Amalfi Coast enchants visitors with its rugged and diverse beauty, made of sheer cliffs, rocky beaches, terraced vineyards, cliff side lemon groves and pastel-colored fishing villages. No wonder it’s one of Italy’s favorite vacation spots.

Select Italy offers a range of guided tours in the Amalfi Coast, which will allow you to make the most of your time – below is a selection of the best ones.

Top Guided Tours in the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast & Pompeii Road Trip 

guided tours in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is only one hour from Pompeii

The best of Campania in one private chauffeured tour! The Amalfi Coast & Pompeii Road Trip combines archaeological wonder and seaside vistas. The Amalfi Coast is in fact only one hour from the impressive archaeological site of Pompeii, so it makes sense to take advantage of its proximity.

You’ll be picked up by your personal driver on the Amalfi Coast location of your choice and you can decide if you want to tour Pompeii in the morning or afternoon. You’ll be able to enjoy the scenic views over the coast without worrying about driving and will be able to stop at many of the picturesque villages dotting the area, such as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, with time to enjoy a leisurely lunch. In Pompeii, the ancient Roman town buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, you’ll enjoy a guided tour for an unforgettable insight into daily life in Roman times.

This is surely among the most thorough guided tours of the Amalfi Coast you can take.

Grottoes of the Amalfi Coast Boat Tour

In your choice of guided tours in the Amalfi Coast, you should consider at least one on a boat! This full day Grottoes of the Amalfi Coast tour is your chance to experience the stunning rugged coastline, and to reach beautiful bays and sea caves that are approachable only from the water.

Departing from Positano, the tour first passes the small fishing village of Praiano, deemed one of the most romantic spots on the coast, and the fascinating Fiord of Furore, a narrow gorge encompassing a tiny beach between steep cliffs. Fun fact: Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani fell madly in love here while filming the (aptly-named) movie L’Amore. The boat tour continues to Conca dei Marini, where you’ll visit the Emerald Grotto, named after its brilliant green waters, and later you’ll have the chance to go for a swim by a small cascade of fresh water. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?  You’ll also have time on your own to visit the town of Amalfi, before cruising back to Positano.

Savor Sorrento Foodie Tour

guided tours in the Amalfi Coast

Sorrento, Italy

Of all guided tours in the Amalfi Coast, this is the one foodies shouldn’t miss! Thirteen food and drink tastings in eight locations in three hours, accompanied by an English-speaking guide who will highlight some of the city’s top spots to eat.

The Savor Sorrento walking tour gives you a chance to try Southern Italian classics, while hearing about Sorrento‘s local history and traditions. The tour meets in Piazza Tasso, the town’s main square, and begins in style with a stop at a local pasticceria (pastry shop) for a traditional sfogliatella, a flaky pastry filled with flavored ricotta. Other delicacies you’ll try on the tour include arancini, deep-fried rice balls, panini made with the freshest ingredients, real buffalo mozzarella, local cheeses, and salumi (cold cuts) at a family-owned deli. Then, enjoy the classic Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, homemade potato dumplings with authentic buffalo mozzarella and tomato sauce at a typical trattoria. And of course, a foodie tour in the Amalfi Coast wouldn’t be complete without tasting limoncello! To top it all off, you’ll end the tour with gourmet gelato.

Capri – Island of Romance Tour

Off the Sorrentine Peninsula is the legendary island of Capri. This full day boat excursion gives you the chance to discover the island both on land and at sea.

Departing from Positano, you’ll pass the infamous Tiberio’s leap, where, according to legend, disobedient servants and unwanted guests of Roman emperor Tiberius, who owned several villas on Capri, were thrown over the cliff. Once you disembark, you’ll have about four hours to independently explore the island, with maps and tips on the must-see sites provided by the boat’s captain.

Back on the boat, you’ll enjoy a panoramic cruise around the island with views of Capri’s rugged cliffs, white sand beaches, lemon trees, and flowers. The cruise includes an optional stop at the Blue Grotto, famous for its intense blue waters and magical silvery light, and a visit to the Green Grotto, named for its emerald waters, and the White Grotto. On your way to see the iconic Faraglioni, you can stop for a swim in one of the island’s hidden bays.

Limoncello Tour and Tasting 

A simple infusion of lemon zest and grain alcohol, limoncello is a symbol of la dolce vita.

A simple infusion of lemon zest and grain alcohol, limoncello is a symbol of la dolce vita.

The “tipsiest” of guided tours in the Amalfi Coast! During this three-hour private Limoncello Tour and Tasting, you’ll visit a typical terraced lemon grove overlooking the sea and learn about the methods of cultivation while inebriated with the sweet scent of lemon blossoms!

You will then head to Le Bonta’ del Capo restaurant, where you’ll learn how to make limoncello and taste a glass of this uniquely wonderful liqueur. Afterwards, it’s time to go all “lemony” with a menu featuring the delicious Amalfi Coast lemons in every course: an appetizer of marinated anchovies with lemon and vinegar, followed by ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and lemon, raviolacci filled with sea bass and citrus, lemon scallops, and fish fillet with lemon potatoes, completed by a scrumptious lemon dessert, and, of course, more limoncello!

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