5 Fascinating Day Trips from Rome

day trips from rome

Packed to the rafters with history, archaeology and culture, Rome is the perfect vacation destination with plenty to see and do. But venture outside the city walls into the surrounding countryside and you’ll discover a world of vineyards, villas and beautiful coastlines. Not to mention unique historic sites, world heritage hilltop towns and...

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8 Fabulous Day Trips from Florence

Sitting not quite halfway down the boot of Italy, the Renaissance city of Florence is a fabulous hub from which to easily explore much of the peninsula. The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Puccini’s hometown of Lucca, close to the western coast are just an hour away. Hilltop Perugia, 100 miles to the south, is less than a two hour drive. And even the...

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Touring the Appian Way, Ancient Rome’s “Queen of Roads”

Map of the Appian Way and the later and shorter Via Appia Traiana. Known as the “Regina Longarum Viarum,” or “Queen of the Long Roads,” the Appian Way, possibly ancient Rome’s most famous road, was built in 312 BC to connect Rome to Brindisi in the south of Italy; it was one of the most important and strategic roads of the Roman...

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