An Authentic Italian Experience

A lot of Italian vacations seem to be centered around the marvelous city of Rome. Here at Select Italy we offer various vacation packages that do indeed focus on this wonderful Italian capital, providing access to many sights in and out of the city center. But of course Italy has much more to offer and to be seen than just Rome! We have carefully selected a sizable number of tour packages that will take you on journeys you will never forget, featuring some of our own favorite Italian destinations.

Theme Based Experiences

If there is a particular area or activity that interests you, it’s likely that on our website, you will find an Italian vacation package or tour that fits your Italian vacation fantasy. For example, you can decide to become a Tuscan chef for a day, shopping in Florence’s central market and selecting the freshest ingredients for the meal that you will cook along with a professional chef.

If you are into food, then of course you will love two of Italy’s staples: pizza and gelato. A tour in Florence that we offer, takes participants to a local pizzeria where they can make their own pizza with a pizzaiolo (an Italian pizza maker) before getting to know the secrets of the best gelato in town. Obviously there will be ample opportunities for tasting!

Go Back In Time 

While there are cooking classes for Sicilian, Roman, Neapolitan, and many other regional cooking styles, there is much more than just food to see and do in Italy. If you want to give your Italian vacation a twist, we offer many experiential tours and services which allow tourists to experience the greatest periods in Italian History. If you are in Rome, for example, you may want to be a gladiator for a day. If, instead, you are a romantic at heart, go back to Casanova’s time in Venice during a magical gondola ride through Venice’s canals.

Whatever your passions or tastes are, with a little help and time, it’s not hard to find the best tours to ensure that you have the most authentic Italian vacation.



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