What The Stars Say About Italy

Look up at the sky

The Ancient Romans looked to the skies for clues about which country to march into next, which partially explains why today you can see Roman ruins from Africa in the south to Scotland in the north. Astro-logic may not always be the best logic to apply when planning your Italy vacation, but it can be a useful tool nevertheless. So let’s have a look at the travel zodiac, Italy style:

Aries (Italian: Ariete), Mar. 20-Apr. 20: The symbol of Aries is the ram and you rams tend to be assertive, strong and not lacking in courage. You would be equally at home cruising aboard a yacht in the Adriatic as you would be hitting the ski slopes of the Italian Alps. But what you’d really like to do is drive your very own red Ferrari the length the Amalfi Drive. We can’t buy you the Ferrari, but we can still help with that.

Taurus (Italian: Toro) Apr. 21-May 20: Ah, Taurus…patient, sensual, not too fond of change, and love a good meal. Obviously, Italy is the country for you! You crave the elegance of Venice, the gastronomic riches of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, region of Bologna, but you also need Piemonte in the north and the timeless romance of Sicily in the south.

Milan and the beautiful Duomo

Gemini (Italian: Gemelli) May 21-June 20: If you’re a Gemini that means there are really two of you: so divide your Italy vacation time between the far north – Piemonte and the Italian Lakes, with an urban fix in Milan, and then jet down to Taormina in Sicily for a few days of southern exposure. And because Geminis are so fond of communication, consider renting an Italian cellphone before you leave.

Cancer (Italian: Cancro) June 21-July 20: If this is your sign you’re emotional, you like cozy things, your sense of family is strong. So if you’re an island type, skip Sardinia and head straight for Sicily. As cooler weather approaches, the tangle of historic streets in Florence will tempt you with their cozy cafés and comfortable charms. Go to Rome, but take your best friend or family with you for company, too.

Leo (Italian: Leone) July 21-August 20: You’re generous, you like to be the center of attention, you don’t follow, you lead: you’re a lion among signs, Leo. For this king of the jungle, all Italy vacation roads lead to Rome, the Eternal City and the city of emperors. Is it any wonder that Madonna is considering a move to Rome? No wonder at all: she’s a Leo!

Virgo (Italian: Vergine) August 21-Sept. 22: The detail-oriented Virgo can be a perfectionist, and likes order. For this reason it is better for Virgos to plan their travel around Italy by train instead of by car (unless the car is chauffeur-driven, in which case, hop in!). As for destinations in Italy, you’ll want to seek out the special, lesser-known attractions of the famous Big Three: Venice, Florence and Rome.

The beautiful Cinque Terre

Libra (Italian: Bilancia): Sept. 23-Oct. 22: Gentle Libra! Your symbol should be the doe, not the scales. You are under Venus’s tender sway, you are sweet by nature, and you drive people crazy because you can never make up your mind! Italy’s sensuous glories were tailor-made for you, but sometimes you need a little guidance: one minute you want Pompeii and Paestum, the next minute you’re angling for Cinque Terre. Fortunately for you, we at Select Italy can tame even the most unruly itinerary to give you the Italy you want in the time that you have.

Scorpio (Italian: Scorpione): Oct. 23-Nov. 22: Scorpio = Wow. A sign so intense that no other country but Italy will do – after that, Scorpios can only reach for the stars themselves. You are brooding and passionate, Scorpio, so you need to calm down for a minute and see an opera at La Scala. Then, you need to indulge in a custom shopping tour in Milan, followed by a luxurious sojourn at a five-star property on Lake Como or Lake Garda. You need the art of Florence more than the ruins of Rome. A romantic weekend at a villa in Tuscany is suitable for a Scorpio, but what you really need to do be true to your inner exuberance is get married in Puglia – maybe even twice in the same year.

Sagittarius (Italian: Sagittario): Nov. 23-Dec. 22: Sagittarius, the archer, always manages to be in the right place at the right time. That’s what makes Italy such a great travel match for Sagittarius: there’s no wrong place or wrong time to go, and there is always something new to discover. You want to hit the wine bars and nightspots of Rome, but you also want to be the first of your friends to enjoy the treasures of lesser-known places like Sardinia, Genoa, Bari  and Basilicata.

Enjoy a day in Capri

Capricorn (Italian: Capricorno): Dec. 23-Jan. 22: Capricorns, obviously, need to go to Capri. But that’s not all: their ambitious, mountain goat-like natures (always climbing!) will relish any amount of time spent in Rome, the city of eternal ambition and power. But sometimes Capricorns need to be alone, so the rustic recesses of the Molise beckon, as do fascinating places in Italy’s north like Torino, the Alto Adige and the Dolomites.

Aquarius (Italian: Aquario): Jan. 22-Feb. 20: Some would say Aquarians are stubborn, but that’s usually more a function of being non-conventional. You need Venice and Padova and Ravenna, you need Umbria and of course, while you’ll enjoy any urban environment with a historical flavor, your oversized intellect really requires Rome. The water-bearer of the zodiac, you also need some downtime at an Italian spa in Tuscany.

Pisces (Italian: Pesci): Feb. 21-Mar. 19: Pisces are mysterious, sensitive, emotional creatures. In summertime an Italian lakeside holiday is of great appeal, and you would also love to take a culinary class in Florence or Rome. You are only as fierce as the fish that is your symbol, but you also like to walk and explore, so you’ll love the splendors of Venice, as well as the diversity of the Veneto region. And – water figuring prominently for all fish — chartered yachts.

Which is you sign? Let us know if these description where accurate for you!



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    • Maybe is time to visit Lake Garda or any other lakes in Italy. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us. As for Venice we have many tips since you have already done the touristic experience when you went the first time.

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