Vannulo Dairy: the “VIP Mozzarella” Maker

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is certainly one of the most famous traditional Italian food products, but not everyone knows that in Italy there are several “schools of thought” regarding the way this delicious cheese should be made.  First of all, it is extremely important to know that mozzarella can be made out of different kinds of milk: water buffalo and cow’s milk.

It is also important to know that there’s another  version of this cheese called “fior di latte” which looks just like mozzarella but it is made out of cow’s milk and realized with a slightly different procedure than the one used to make mozzarella.

The buffalo

“[…] We looked into the blood-red savage eyes of buffalo. They looked like hippopotami” said W.Goethe in 1787 when he first arrived in Paestum, and those were the water buffalo whose milk is used today in the Vannulo Dairy to make one of the best Italian mozzarellas. Close relatives to Indian and North American Buffaloes, these animals live only in few areas of Italy.

Vannulo dairy

Vannulo dairy farm

Established in 1988, Vannulo Dairy is the only organic buffalo farm in Italy; also known as the “VIP’s mozzarella,” its cheese is famous all over the world since it’s constantly bought by important people such as Prince Charles of England.  NY Times and Washington Post journalists have visited this farm to see and write about the making of this organic mozzarella.

Not only mozzarella

Vannulo dairy farm products

Not only delicious mozzarella, made in different shapes such as treccia (braid) and bocconcini (very small mozzarella balls), but also ricotta cheese, ice cream, yogurt, delicious cakes and sweets made with buffalo’s milk can be bought at the Yogurteria, right next to the factory of this beautiful property, owned and run by the Palmieri family. This Italian specialty is definitely worth trying, and visiting the farm can be quite an interesting experience too!



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