The Ultimate Italy Train Guide

information screen

The information screen on Italy’s trains

Traveling Italy by train can be intimidating especially if you have never done it before (we know, we were once in your shoes). But there is nothing to worry about – it’s really easy, we promise! Italy’s train system is a great tool for travelers to utilize, and if you are planning on traveling all throughout the country, taking trains just might be your secret weapon. Here at Select Italy, we have train experts who take care of all questions, processing and orders. They are responsible for giving you the best options and comparable prices on all your Italy train travels.

Our experts decided to compile a list of tips and steps on how to take a train in Italy to make your travels smooth and as stress-free as possible. The Select Italy team all has first hand experience with taking trains in Italy and we assure that this is the most plausible, stress and hassle-free option to get around the gorgeous Bel Paese.

  1. Purchase your tickets in advance. One great idea is to visit Select Italy’s website and browse through all the high-speed train options from the major stations in major cities. It’s simple, just select your starting point and destination, time you would prefer to leave and number of passengers. All you have to do is select the time most convenient for you and you are all set! Keep the look out for a confirmation email, this will contain your e-ticket and will be processed in 2-3 business days. You just need to print it out and bring it with you to Italy – no further validation is required.
  2. Now what happens when the day finally arrives and you are ready to board your train? We thought of an example… say you are in Florence and you want to go to Rome. You arrive at Florence’s train station, Santa Maria Novella, about 15-20 minutes before your departure time. As you walk into the station, you will see large electronic sings above the train tracks. There are signs for departures and arrivals and the sings are both in English and Italian.
  3. Refer to your ticket andlocate on the board what track your train will be arriving at. Once the trackis posted on the screen you canproceed to the
    people on italy train

    The inside of one of Italy’s high-speed trains

    track. Take, for example, you see on the electronic screen your train is scheduled to arrive at track 5. Walk over to track 5 and then refer again to your ticket. There will also be a number for the train’s car you will be sitting in.

  4. As you walk down the platform of track 5 you will see numbers posted as to which spot on the track the train’s specific cars will stop at. Say on your ticket you have coach 7. You can walk to the spot 7 on the track and wait for the train to arrive. Once the train arrives you can board and find your designated assigned seats (again refer to your ticket). There is space above and below to put any luggage you may have. The seats are spacious and there is even Wifi, a restaurant car, and bathrooms! (NOTE: coach means car, not class on the ticket!)
  5. Once you have arrived at your destination (don’t worry there will be announcements in both English and Italian and there are electronic sings posted in the car) the train will stop and you can get off. It is easy to find your way through any station and with signs everywhere it will be apparent to find the exit, closest restaurant, or taxi station.

Have any train tips you want to share? We would love to hear them!




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