The Perfect Way To Discover Italy

After countless fantastic hours of laughing, some friendly competition, oh and of course one (or maybe two…) gelato stops along the way, I had become fully immersed into the culture and history of Florence. This city has countless hidden gems, every street leads you on another adventure, every building has its own story, and every local you meet along the way expresses true passion for this town.

Discover Italy in a whole new way!

WhaiWhai, an interactive Game Tour book, led me through my discoveries of the beautiful city of Florence. I could not think of any better way to uncover the magic Florence has to offer. As a college student studying abroad in Florence for four months, I wanted to really learn about where I was living, the history, and maybe, more or less, become mistaken for a real Florentian. (Fingers crossed!) So when I had the opportunity to unveil this city in a whole new way I was up for the challenge! I assembled a group of friends and introduced them to WhaiWhai.

What is WhaiWhai?

WhaiWhai is an interactive guidebook that leads you through secrets buried in various Italian cities. It’s perfect for tourists, explorers, or even locals who are looking for a one of a kind experience. They’re different from any other guidebooks because they give fascinating information about the city while you search for clues, and every city has its own unique spirit with different stories waiting to be told. With WhaiWhai you won’t follow the normal tourist path, you’ll actually venture into the authentic character, traditions, and secrets of the city. And all of this is possible through a variety of short stories and a couple text messages.

How does it work?

WhaiWhai App now available!

All you’ll need is the WhaiWhai book, a map of the city, and a cellular phone to send and receive text messages for clues to uncover hidden secrets around the city. First you will need to send a text message to the number provided in the book with which mode you would like to play. There are a variety of modes depending on how challenging or how long you would like to participate. You can always start and stop your game or change your mode. Once you decide the mode and length of your game, you will receive texts with hints to read different short stories and clues to answer a question at your discovered destination, building, or object. You can always play with a group of friends, alone, or as competitive teams to see who can uncover the clues first.

My WhaiWhai

Discover Florence in a whole new way!

I, of course, played the WhaiWhai Florence 2054 version and I had so much fun during my experience. My friends and I all joined together to really get to know our “home away from home,” in such a fun exciting way. With each new clue or destination, my friends and I became so eager to learn more and become real Florence “experts.” Florence is such spectacular city with mounds of history, breathtaking views, and rich delicious food; WhaiWhai genuinely helped me build such great memories. After my experience with WhaiWhai I have a deeper understanding and love for Florence.

Thank you WhaiWhai!

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