Spring Fashion When In Italy

reflection of streets in Italy

It often rains during the spring Credit: Shalyn G

Ready to leave to Italy for your Spring Break or Easter? Are you sure about what to pack?

Italy is a beautiful country in any season. Spring is the season of blooming flowers, with warmer weather during the day and cooler temperatures at night, dotted by some rain showers. But no matter what the weather, you’ll want to remember that you are in the country of fashion, so leave those sweatpants and backpacks back at home and follow our simple pointers for spring attire during your Italian vacation.

Blend In:

A “must have” this season  is a travel umbrella, preferibly not the cheap one sold by vendors on the street that seem to mysteriously pop up ever time a drop of rain falls. We suggest something colorful and different, so that you can easily identify and be identified with it. In addition, bring a pea coat or rain jacket for the wet weather, leaving the North Face jacket and rain boots home. Most Italians also keep  a light colorful sweater in their arsenal for evening passeggiatas, topped off with a light scarf that is always in fashion.

Pack your colorful pants (red, green, pink – the more the better) and flats to match with a nice shirt. Don’t forget accessories are one of the most important aspects of Italian dress; they are able to make the simplest white shirt and jeans a full-on fashion statement.

If you are going in the late spring don’t forget to add a pair of nice sandals and a bathing suit, you never know where you might be able to take a dip somewhere along your trip.

The Great Spring Finds:

Luxury Italian shoes

Leather goods for the whole family are available in specialty stores

Traveling to Italy during this season allows you to get the most out of the famous sites without the summer’s swarm of tourists. It also allows you to enjoy the typical fashion products of the country. You are in the mecca of leather and silk goods, and lucky for you, there are many small stores that sell custom-made shoes or colorful scarves with which you can stock your wardrobe.

Where these tips helpful? Do you have any of your own?




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