Single Parents Travelling With Children – What to Do in Italy

Family on vacation in Italy

For centuries, Italy has welcomed tourists and travelers who come from all over the world to admire its wonderful landscapes and cities so it is no surprise that an incredible amount of resources and activities for visitors is available. Thanks to the immense variety of attractions the country offers, you can pick and choose, however, some advice may be in order for single parents traveling to Italy with their children. Travelling with children can be at the same time incredibly stressful and pleasant — and we know that when you are a single parent both feelings are doubled. That’s why we’d like to suggest the best places to go with your children so that you can get the most out of your holiday with them.

Head to the Beach

Your child will love Italian gelato!

One of the best places to be in Italy during the summer is the seaside. Italy has some 7,500 km. of shoreline so you just have to pick a location, but if we had to suggest an area above all the others, we would say that the Riviera Romagnola is the best place to go with children. It is a typical vacation spot for Italian and European families since the water is clean and safe to bathe in, the beautiful sand beaches are equipped with all sorts of kid-friendly structures and the management often offers free activities for both children and parents; for example, dance classes and games on the beach.

Relax in the Mountains

The Dolomites

If you want to experience something different and relaxing with your children, far from the crowds, then you should definitely head to the  Italian mountains. The peaks of Valle d’Aosta, the Trentino-Alto Adige or the Dolomites in the Veneto are just some of the many mountain holiday spots.  In winter, you can go skiing with your children (or take lessons together) and play in the snow and make snowmen, while during the summer you can stay on a farm and participate in the farmer’s everyday life. Your kids will learn to milk a cow, feed the rabbits and collect eggs from the chickens.

Have Fun at the Lake

One of your children likes the seaside, but the other prefers the mountains and the countryside? No problem — Italy provides the perfect solution for that, too! Lake Garda has beautiful shores where you can relax and play, as well as wonderful hills and woods to walk in, ancient villages to explore and a great number of kid-friendly activities like kayaking or windsurfing. And don’t forget that Gardaland, the biggest amusement park in Italy, is just a few minutes from the lake!

Hit the Cities

Venice Hop-on, Hop-off Tour

We all know that children don’t really enjoy going to museums, or visiting churches and walking for hours around historic art cities. Even so, we believe that you shouldn’t miss seeing at least one big city like Florence, Venice or Rome. You can play some tricks in order to make your children actually like the city and its monuments such as organizing a treasure hunt, or pushing them to find the most beautiful fountain or bell tower in the city. And don’t forget to reward them with a prize at the end of the day: you can stop in a piazza, get some gelato and watch them play (usually Italian piazze are closed to traffic which means they’re crowded with families and children) while you enjoy an aperitivo!

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